AMV of the Week – Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright is just plain hilarious and a great reason to own a Nintendo DS. The cast of characters are so distinct and memorable and the stories so outrageous that it beats any legal drama on television. However I’ve seen a few AMV’s that use it but few that work well with the music.

The music comes from the legend that is Michael Jackson (RIP). The music is Smooth Criminal, an iconic song. Whilst I am, the song and game connect brilliantly. I think the game is captured perfectly by the AMV, the different animations of the different characters and the bizarreness that they have matches the beat perfectly. The lyrics and images match as well.

All in all, a very good AMV.

AMV of the Week – Suzumiya Security

A short AMV combining the anime series The Melancholy of Suzumiya and the awesome rock sound of  凜 として 時雨Rin Tosite Sigure

Rin Tosite Sigure are my latest craze (for the past three months). Their sound is like an onslaught of intricately connected sounds, so the combination with an anime I regard as uninteresting was intriguing.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I never really fell in love with this series. Stories set in high schools don’t hold much interest for me. I liked the AMV purely for the innocuous mash-up.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

AMV of the Week – James Horner and Mushi-shi

Music first.

I have not watched the film A Beautiful Mind but the music from this AMV, A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics, came from it. The film doesn’t inspire much interest from me but seems pretty well regarded.

It is the music I am most interested in…

Just listening to the music, I can imagine myself sitting in the cinema in absolute rapture. One look at the composer’s name and you will recognise a string of hit movies such as Titanic, Braveheart, Glory and perhaps my favourite (and certainly the best) Aliens!!!!

Onto the anime!

I have not watched Mushi-shi but after viewing this AMV I wish I had listened to all of the critical praise it garnered and bought it because the complete collection box-sets are unavailable. I’m not going to download it and I’m not going to buy individual volumes, thus I won’t see it which fills me with a sense of melancholy because the anime is beautiful. It is further enhanced by the delicate orchestration of the music which matches the rhythm of every scene.

I’m sure I’m watching spoilers from the anime but I can’t help it when the video is just this beautiful. Enough from me. Enjoy:

AMV of the Week Ghostly Intermission – Best Music Video Ever

You’ll have to forgive me for leaving you without an AMV this week (let’s pretend you care) but I have been lackadaisical about this post (I still have to write a review for Norwegian Wood despite seeing it a week ago).That said, here’s one of the best music videos I have ever seen. The best. Like, ever.

The closest genre for this music is electro but the music is just psychotic-hypnotic. I love it.

This video is sheer brilliance. Directed by Natalie Van Den who, by the looks of her other works, is a genius of the form. Originally released in 2009 (yeah, I’m two years too late), this appeals to my whimsical side and is sheer joy. GHOST PIRATES!

Anyway, enjoy the video.

AMV of the Week – Get A Hold Of Yourself

It’s a week to the day since the earthquake in Japan. Posting anything feels rather awkward with the ongoing crisis involving nuclear power-plants and helping refugees whilst harsh weather sets in. I’m trying to be politic about choosing music and video which do not offend or seem melodramatic.

I went with something upbeat and brilliantly edited by the master of the AMV form, Nostromo. It struck me as epic. The music is by a, quote, “upcoming UK based dance/pop/synth sensation Sugar Jesus”. I’ve never heard of him but his music is infectious.

The anime is a section of Genius Party named Dimension Bomb, animated by Studio 4C. It’s a gorgeous anime and shows the creative talent of Studio 4C.

I picked this AMV because it marks the last AMV I listened to on the day the earthquake struck.  I hope that things stabalise in Japan soon.