Third Window Films Release Fukuchan of Fukufuku Flats on July 13th

Fukuchan of Fukufuku Flats is one of my favourite films of all time and it made my top ten list of films I saw in 2014. It has a story that is really, really funny, poignant and quirky and the characters are all loveable.

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I am a fan of the director Yosuke Fujita and I met him at last year’s Raindance International Film Festival before a screening of the film and talked to him where I explained that I loved his first film Fine, Totally Fine and I found I relate to his characters, all of whom are 20/30-somethings drifting along in life (kinda like me). We talked comedy and his background and then I saw Fukuchan and loved it (especially the characters and enka song used in the end credits – video at the bottom). It has an awesome performance by Miyuki Oshima who has excellent comic support from Yoshiyoshi Arakawa.

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The Boy and the Beast Trailer

Yesterday it was announced that anime films Hana to Alice Satsujin JikenMiss Hokusai and The Boy and the Beast are set to be shown at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival (The Boy and the Beast is part of the Work in Progress section while Hana to Alice and Miss Hokusai are in Competition) ahead of their theatrical release in Japan in a few months’ time. The directors of the films are regulars of the festival, giving talks and getting awards. I have already written previews about Miss Hokusai and Hana to Alice (no reviews as yet) so that leaves The Boy and the Beast.

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As the Gods Will Teaser Trailer and Information

As the Gods Will   As the Gods Will Film Poster 1

Japanese: 神さまの言うとおり

Romaji: Kami-sama no Iutoori

Release Date: November 15th, 2014 (Japan)

Running Time: 83 mins.

Director: Takashi Miike

Writer: Hiroyuki Yatsu (Screenplay), Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Akeji Fujimura (Original Manga)As the Gods Will Film Poster 2

Starring: Sota Fukushi, Hirona Yamazaki, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mio Yuki, Shota Sometani, Nao Omori, Lily Franky

When Takashi Miike announced he was going back to making gory and funny films I couldn’t help but grin. When I saw this trailer I replayed it a dozen times and possibly (probably) cackled with glee at the comedy! This trailer is just fun!

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Parasyte Film Trailer and Information

Parasyte Part 1    Parasyte Film Poster

Japanese: 寄生獣 Part 1

Romaji: Kiseiju Part 1

Release Date: November 28th, 2014 (Japan)

Running Time: N/A

Director: Takashi Yamazaki

Writer: Ryota Kosawa (Screenplay), Hitoshi Iwaaki (Original Manga)

Starring: Shota Sometani, Ai Hashimoto, Eri Fukatsu, Nao Omori, Pierre Taki, Hirofumi Arai, Kazuki Kitamura, Tadanobu Asano, Jun Kunimura, Kmiko Yo, Masahiro Higashide,

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Zero / Fatal Frame Film Trailer and Information

Zero    Zero Japanese Film Poster

Japanese Title: 劇場版 零 ゼロ

Romaji: Gekijouban Rei Zero

Release Date: September 26th, 2014 (Japan)

Running Time: N/A

Director: Mari Asato

Writer: Mari Asato (Screenplay), Eiji Ohtsuka (Original Novel)

Starring: Ayumi Nakajo, Aoi Morikawa, Fujiko Kojima, Jun Miho, Karen Miyama, Noriko Nakagoshi, Kasumi Yamaya, Minori Hagiwara, Yuri Nakamura, Kodai Asaka,

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Over Your Dead Body Trailers and Information

Over Your Dead Body    Over Your Dead Body Film Poster

Japanese: 喰女 -クイメー

Romaji: Kuime

Release Date: August 23rd, 2014 (Japan)

Running Time: 94 mins.

Director: Takashi Miike

Writer: Kikumi Yamagishi (Screenplay), Tsuruya Nanboku IV (Original Kabuki Play)

Starring: Ebizo Ichikawa, Kou Shibasaki, Hideaki Ito, Miho Nakanishi, Maiko, Toshie Negishi, Koichi Sato, Hiroshi Katsuno, Toshiaki Karasawa, Kenichi Hagiwara, Kei Sato,

Takashi Miike recently said something like he was done making sensible films and going back to creating chaos and violence and with two films released this year, he’s hitting the horror high notes. The first looks like a really great meta-horror title.

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Tokyo Tribe Trailer and Information

Tokyo Tribe    

Tokyo Tribe Film Poster

Japanese: トーキョー トライブ

Romaji: To-kyo- Toraibu

Release Date: August 30th, 2014 (Japan)

Running Time: 116 mins.

Director: Sion Sono

Writer: Sion Sono (Screenplay), Santa Inoue (Original Manga)

Starring: Ryohei Suzuki, Young Dais, Nana Seino, Ryuta Sato, Riki Takuechi, Denden, Shota Sometani, Shoko Nakagawa, Yosuke Kubozuka, Takuya Ishida, Shunsuke Daito, Yui Ichikawa, Mika Kano,

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Plastic Love Story – Kickstarter to Get it Screened Internationally

Writing trailer posts is long and sometimes difficult but I find it worthwhile because it introduces me to great films that I want to see. One such example stretches all the way back to January when I wrote about a film called Plastic Love Story. I was interested in the trailer but, as is the case with many Japanese indie films, I was resigned to probably never seeing it. Well that could change because there is a Kickstarter already underway to get it screened at international film festivals!

I was contacted by the makers of the film and directed to the Kickstarter page which contains a lot of information about the project, the filmmakers and their ambitions for taking the film on to the international stage. Here’s info and trailer:

‘Plastic Love Story’ presents the coming of age of three girls in Japan and portrays the strength of Japan’s young generation as they overcome hardships. It is from director Ryutaro Nakagawa who is described as one of the leading  young up-and-coming filmmakers in Japan and this might be for a good reason since his films have screened in the US as well as Japan.

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Third Window Films Release Gritty Korean Drama Bleak Night

Third Window Films switch up from the trend of releasing Japanese films as seen in most of their output last year and in two of the last two month’s finest world cinema titles like “The Story of Yonosuke” and the ultra-brilliant “Shady” and returns to its early days by releasing more Korean films like this award-winning title, “Bleak Night”. Here are the details:


Bleak Night

Bleak Night DVD Case

The debut film of Yoon Sung-hyun

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