Genkina hito’s Top Ten Films to Get in 2020

I have been writing about films here for a decade and ever since I started writing badly translated synopses to highlight interesting films, I have had a list in my mind of titles that I want to watch. I add and subtract films from said list but many listed here have remained in my mind. These ten films I have never forgotten and since it has been ten years since I first started blogging, I want to make an effort and track them down to review them the next time I am in Japan. Which is… SOON!

Will I see any of these films? Who knows, but I want to watch them.

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Films Released in 2014 I will Hopefully See in 2015

The Pinkie Here Comes 2015

I post trailers of Japanese films released in Japan every weekend and some stay with me even months after their release has come and gone. Like last year I want to start the year by looking back at the trailers that make me wish these were films I had seen in 2014 and hope I can see in 2015.

Just to jump back to the last list of films from 2013, out of the 14 Seeds of Anxiety Yoko and Daiichi at the Restaurant Moncherifilms listed, I saw two – Patema Inverted and Fuan no Tane. Patema Inverted exceeded my expectations when I saw it at a cinema and I now have the Ultimate Edition home DVD/Bu-ray release that came from backing the Kickstarter campaign so I get the OST, art book and a variety of other extras. I’ll get a review of the film out before the end of January 2015! Fuan no Tane was a fun little horror film that did justice to the manga. You can read what I thought of it in my review.

The other films I listed? Well, the chances of me watching some of them were slim since they were the indiest of indies and without major studio backing, film labels with lots of money or film festivals selecting them, they would have been unlikely to get a cinema or home release in the UK. Raindance and Terracotta would have been the best places to see them but they weren’t screened.

I am kinda disappointed that I did not get to see Uzumasa Jacopetti, JacopettiGFP Bunny, A Fairy Tale, and Shin Shin Shin so I’m going to start investigating ways of getting these films. My usual import routes don’t stock them… Other indie films I’m interested in cost around £20 so it’s not impossible, just expensive. It’s at times like this when I wish Japanese film and anime companies would embrace digital distribution because I know I’d make many purchases to build up my library (and regrets over spending so much).

This list of films contains entries I have cherry-picked from my trailer posts that caught my eye over the year. I doubt I’ll see many of these but who knows…

Here’s the list and music you can listen to while reading/ignoring the blurb:

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Tokyo Fantasy: Sekai no Owari, Hot Road, Kobito Dukan Kakuremomojiri no Himitsu no Momozono, Sturm Und Drang, The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed, Short Hope, Harajuku Cinema, Forma Japanese Film Trailers

This week has been pretty tragic for cinephiles because we lost two great stars with the deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. RIP to two major talents.

In other, happier news, the Kickstarter for Plastic Love Story (which I Plastic Love Story Film Imageposted about) reached its target. We’ll see what happens from here on out.

In film terms, I watched the Korean films Horror Stories 1 and 2, Cold Eyes, The Howling and the Hong Kong films Bullets Over Summer and Fulltime Killer, the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead and Necronomicon as well as returning to the cinema to see a screening of Godzilla for a second time.

In blogging terms, I posted about the Japanese films at this year’s Venice Film Festival and trailers and information on the Miike film Over Your Dead Body.

What’s released in Japan this weekend? A lot of Hong Sang-Soo films like Our Sunhi and Nobody’s Daughter Haewon and these intriguing titles:

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