Genkinahito Decides the 2011 Academy Awards

Here are the results

The Academy Awards or Oscars are on the 27th of February, the nominations were released on the 25th of January. I’ll list them here. It may change because I’m going to watch True Grit and Black Swan but this is the list and what I think should win. If you want to read what I thought about the films then check the reviews section.

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It’s easy to attribute the Bourne films to Bush-era America, what with their paranoid conspiracies of government agencies running amok and sacrificing American soldiers to pursue shady aims in illegal intelligence-wars.

Salt poses a question that could come from a Tea Party conspiracy-nut. Are there double agents in the fabric of American society ready to wreak havoc? Recent events say possibly. It also poses a question I’ve never thought about; to wit, is the incredibly beautiful Angelina Jolie as a blonde still the incredibly beautiful Angelina Jolie or will I buy her performance in what was once a male action lead?

Angelina Jolie as SaltEvelyn Salt is in a North Korean prison charged with being an American spy and tortured. Her husband orchestrates her release by heading a public campaign that pressures her CIA boss. Two years later, a former FSB agent accuses Salt of being a sleeper-agent who will assassinate the visiting Russian President. Counter-intelligence agent Peabody wants Salt in custody but she’s more concerned with her husband’s safety forcing her to go on the run.

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