Samurai Flamenco First Impression

Samurai Flamenco              Samurai Flamenco Poster 2

Director: Takahiro Omori, Original Character Designer: Chinatsu Kurahara, Series Composition: Hideyuki Kurata, Character Designer: Yoshimitsu Yamashita, Art Director: Hiroshi Kato

Voice Actors: Ryota Ohsaka (Masayoshi Hazama), Iori Nomizu (Hidenori Goto), Chie Nakamura (Sumi Ishihara), Chiwa Saito (Mari Maya), Juurouta Kosugi (Joji Kaname), Satoshi Mikami (Akira Konno), Emi Sarah Bridcut (Moe Morita), Ryohei Kimura (Mizuki Misawa)

Studio: Manglobe

One of my long anime posts (because I love the show!) so get a cup of coffee and read on if you are brave.

Samurai Flamenco Goto on His Phone

Goto is a cop in Japan. Japan is a safe country so his days are spent standing outside the police-box giving directions to people who are lost. While he’s diligent about doing his job he spends more time texting his girlfriend than enforcing minor laws.

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Hataraku Maou-Sama

Hataraku Maou-Sama¹                                   Hataraku Maou-Sama Poster

Director: Naoto Hosoda, Series Composition: Masahiro Yokotani

Voice Actors: Ryota Ohsaka, Kanae Itō, Yōko Hikasa, Hiro Shimono, Yuuki Ono, Nao Tōyama,

Studio: White Fox

This First Impression has been a very long time in coming. Indeed, I am up to episode 8 when I should have written this after episode 1 and chucked it out like a regular aniblogger. It’s not because the show is bad. I really, really like it and think it’s bloody funny.

We are in another dimension. One where magic and religion hold sway over the populace, beasts’ stalk the earth and Gods’ reside in the sky. In one corner of this world the Devil King Sadao is the lord of the underworld, he is dread and cruelty incarnate. He has declared war on humanity.

 Hataraku Maou sama Demon Lord Sadao

He is close to conquering the continent of Ente Isla.

 Hataraku Maou sama Enta Isla

His four demon generals and their armies of monsters and the undead have stormed across Ente Isla and razed entire villages, putting civilians to the sword and crushing armies raised up against them.

 Hataraku Maou sama Evil Imp

But when all seems lost Hero Emilia unites humanity and with her combined forces she kills three generals and pushes Sadao’s evil minions back to his castle and lays siege to it and battles him. 

Hataraku Maou sama Hero Emilia

On the verge of being beaten by Hero Emilia, Sadao creates a portal to so that he and his last loyal general Ashiya may escape to another world.  

Hataraku Maou-Sama Opening a Portal

He enters the portal and finds that this other world is in our reality. More specifically modern-day Tokyo.

Hataraku Maou-Sama Tokyo twilight

Furthermore, he has lost his demon form and looks like a human! His first priority might be to gather his strength and plan his next attack on Hero Emilia and Ente Isla but he has lost most of his powers. In this world magic does not exist, science and technology provide the framework for life. Sadao has a human body and all of its attendant needs. He still has vestiges of the old world, his funny language and clothes but he is essentially a nobody.

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