Sawako Decides 川の底からこんいちは (2010)

Sawako Decides     Sawako Decides Film Poster

Japanese: 川の底からこんいちは

Romaji: Kawa no Soko Kara Konnichi wa

Release Date: May 01st, 2010 (Japan)

Running Time: 112 mins.

Director: Yuya Ishii

Writer: Yuya Ishii (Screenplay),

Starring: Hikari Mitsushima, Masashi Endo, Kira Aihara, Kotaro Shig, Miyoko Inagawa, Maki Meguro, Ryo Iwamatsu,

To call this the funniest humanist film you will see this year runs the risk of underplaying just how funny the film is. From Yuya Ishii’s sharp script to a star performance from lead actress Hikari Mitsushima as the title character, Sawako Decides is probably one of the funniest films you will see this year.

Sawako and Kayoko

– Synopsis –

Sawako (Hikari Mitsushima) has lived in Tokyo for five years, is working her fifth office job, and is dating her fifth boyfriend, who is also her boss at the office. Her life with Kenichi (Masashi Endo), her boyfriend, and his daughter from a previous marriage, Kayoko (Kira Aihara), feels like a “compromise,” and she endures each day feeling distressed about her career and love life.

One day, she receives word that her father, Tadao (Kotaro Shiga), who runs a freshwater clam processing business in her hometown, has fallen ill. There is a reason why Sawako would rather not go back home so easily, but she reluctantly decides to return at Kenichi’s insistence. But Kenichi, who had actually quit his job shortly before Sawako, uses this opportunity to come along with Sawako to her hometown with his daughter in tow.

Thus Sawako’s ordeals continue. Still, she takes over her father’s clam processing company and begins to work there, though she slowly starts to take charge of the situation and form a new life for herself

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Inception – Film of the Year

A scene from Christopher Nolan's Inception released by Warner Brothers
Living the dream

You will find me repeating myself in this review. It’s because I love this film. Sorry A Prophet, I’ve been wooed away by something so imaginative and intelligent, which treats its audience like adults with brains. If you haven’t seen it, do so before reading anything about it. Even this review. You are excused.

The film begins on a beach. Amidst the crashing waves of the surf lies an unconscious thief or ‘extractor’ named Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio). He is taken to an aged Japanese man who recognises him from his past. So begins a labyrinthine and elegantly unfolding plot that is a cross between Oceans 11 and Memento. It is an intellectual heist movie crossed with the most exciting of James Bond set-pieces.

A scene from Christopher Nolan's Inception released by Warner Brothers
One of the most impressive films I've ever seen

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