Neo Ultra Q Special Screening Part II Trailer

Neo Ultra Q Special Screening Part II  Neo Ultra Q Film Poster

Japanese: ネオ ウルトラQ 特別上映 part II

Romaji: Neo Urutorakyū Tokubetsu Jōei part II

Running Time: N/A

Release Date: December 09th, 2013

Director: Gakuryu Ishii, Yu Nakai, Yu Irie, Kiyotaka Taguchi

Writer: Kiyotaka Inagaki, Akari Yamamoto, Ayako Kato (Screenplay)

Starring: Rin Takanashi, Seiichi Tanabe, Hiroyuki Onoe, Hikaru Osawa 

This was released yesterday but I wanted to post about anime so I’ll stick it here.

This is the latest adaptation of a sci-fi project created by Eiji Tsuburaya, special effects director on Godzilla, about three characters who investigated supernatural and alien phenomena. Apparently the show ran for 28 episodes from January to July in 1966, received a radio drama and movie edition. This latest movie adaptation is made up of films which collect of 12 episodes from the currently airing TV sequel and features excellent actors like Rin Takanashi (Goth: Love of Death) and Shota Sometani (Himizu) and has the director Gakuryu Ishii (Isn’t Anyone Alive?). Each movie will collect three episodes and be released on the 9th day of each month which will now be known as “Q Day”. Furthermore, each screening has a Q&A. Sounds and looks fun.


Three people: a psychologist doing research on the supernatural, a young beautiful journalist with an inquisitive mind and a bartender who has sympathy towards other forms of life. Together the trio set out to look into the paranormal and futuristic phenomena that confront our life and society. In this selection of episodes (4,5 and 6) Rin Takanashi has to “act” alongside this dude.

Rin Takanashi and a monster