Japan Cuts 2016 Preview

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Japan Cuts 2016 takes place from July 14th to the 24th and there are lots of familiar titles, many of which I’ll put as shorter entries to save space. However you cut it the line-up is really good with a diverse mixture of genres and stories. The guestlist is absolutely fantastic with the likes of Lily Franky, Atsuko Maeda, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sion Sono, and so many more talented filmmakers descending upon the festival! Here’s hoping Adam Torel of Third Window Films gets to attend the festival to introduce three films he has helped come into being. There’s also Japan Cuts Microcinema which sees some of the best short films from the last ten years played throughout the festival. Each film lasts around 30 minutes and people can jump in and watch whichever title takes their fancy between films. There’s also an interesting talk which analyses the Japanese film industry and how films get made.

What is on the programme, then? This is a quick preview but there’s a lot. I’ll break it down into sections and you can view trailers and more details for each on the films by clicking on the links:

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2016 Nippon Connection Film Festival Preview

The 16th edition of the Japanese film festival Nippon Connection will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 24th to the 29th. Over the course of six days audiences will get the chance to watch more than 100 short and feature films and this incudes indies, anime, blockbusters, and documentaries. This is the biggest festival dedicated to Japanese films and so filmmakers are going to attend the event to present their works.

On top of the films there are guests who are coming over from Japan so that means there are also workshops, lectures, panel discussions, performances, exhibitions, and there is also a Japanese market with food on sale. It’s a huge event with lots to see and do.

Good Stripes Film Image
Good Stripes Film Image

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Mohican Comes Home, My Technicolor Girl, Yami koku no Utage, Girls High School, Stray Dogz 2, A Silent Scream, Tsuta kantoku: Koko yakyu wo kaeta otoko no shinjitsu, Dokumushi, Seishun 100 kiro Japanese Film Trailers

Hello dear audience!

Sway Yureru Takeru (Joe Odagiri) Arrives in Town

A new film festival for London was announced this week so I will report about it next week. I have been busy with work and also a little ill. That hasn’t stopped me from watching films, however. I watched some anime movies so I can review them and I went to the cinema to see Zootropolis (2016). I also watched Petal Dance (2013) so I can review that, too. Only one post and that was a review of the film, Sway (2006)

What’s released in Japan this weekend?

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Japanese Films at the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2016

Osaka Asian Film Festival 2016 Header
Osaka Asian Film Festival 2016 Header

There are a lot of film festivals in Japan and despite this being a Japanese film blog I never report on them (unless you count a few half-hearted attempts at Yubari). Anyway, I want to tackle the Osaka Asian Film Festival because Osaka has become one of the more interesting focal points of Japanese filmmaking with the university producing directors and writers who are creating films like Dressing Up which get great plaudits from film critics. So what about the film festival itself?

The Osaka Asian Film Festival is in its 11th year and focusses on Asian films. It takes place from March 04th to 13th and East Asian territories such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The programme is large and full of many great films (all easily laid out on the website).

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