2016 Nippon Connection Film Festival Preview

The 16th edition of the Japanese film festival Nippon Connection will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 24th to the 29th. Over the course of six days audiences will get the chance to watch more than 100 short and feature films and this incudes indies, anime, blockbusters, and documentaries. This is the biggest festival dedicated to Japanese films and so filmmakers are going to attend the event to present their works.

On top of the films there are guests who are coming over from Japan so that means there are also workshops, lectures, panel discussions, performances, exhibitions, and there is also a Japanese market with food on sale. It’s a huge event with lots to see and do.

Good Stripes Film Image
Good Stripes Film Image

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Japanese Films at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2016

The Rotterdam International Film Festival has started and lasts from January 28th to February 07th and there is a large contingent of Japanese films programmed, quite possibly the largest I have seen in the few years I have been watching the event. There are a lot of great titles, some of which are considered the best films to be made in 2015 and there is a diverse range of stories. The festival plays host to animation from a range of artists and there are shorts from Takeshi Kitano. Some of these are red hot international premieres while some of the films have been screened at Canadian film festivals already, some in 2014 (so there’s a bit of copy and paste from previous festival trailer posts). As well as contemporary film, there is also a retrospective for the director Masao Adachi who worked during the 1960s.

Here are the films:

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Wake Up, Girls! Seishun no Kage, ARIA The AVVENIRE, Antonym, SLUM-POLIS, Gonin Saga, Gassoh, Dust and Fantasy, and other Japanese Film Trailers

Happy weekend readers!

Octopus Film Image
Octopus Film Image

As you’re reading this I am at my second film festival in the mighty month of September. The first was the Raindance Film Festival where I watched Slum-polis and Fires on the Plain. The second is the Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival where I am going to watch A Letter to Momo, Short Peace, and Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise. I will also be meeting friends, going out for food and helping out with the festival in what ways that I can.

Only one post this week and that’s for this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival.

I am looking to wind up my Summer of Splatter Films season with some Noboru Iguchi and Tak Sakaguchi films as well. After that I have been thinking of posting more sporadically so I can concentrate on learning Japanese and becoming even more fluent in the language. I have my reasons…

What’s released in Japan this weekend?

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Japanese Films at the 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival

Vancouver International Film FestivalThe Vancouver International Film Festival takes place at the end of September and throughout a lot of October and it caps a series of international festivals jam-packed with Japanese content. It has a great selection of shorts and features with many different types of titles on offer for festival-goers – a strong programme of dramas are a highlight thanks to the festival’s traditional Dragons & Tigers section which is programmed as ever by Asian cinema specialist Tony Rayns.

The highlights are many and I think that this is my favourite looking line-up of films out of all but Japanese cinema specialist festivals like Nippon Connection, Japan Cuts, Camera Japan and Rotterdam. To the programmers at Vancouver, well done. You’ve made a great selection of films. To the reader, I hope you find something you enjoy!

Here’s the line-up!

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