Final Fantasy XIII Unfairly Hated?

Final Fantasy XV was shown at the recent Tokyo Game Show and I think it looks great buuuut… it has been in development for nearly TEN YEARS in which time is has had a reboot and new director in the shape of Hajime Tabata (director of the excellent Crisis Core). These delays and  makes me think of the troubled development and reception of Final Fantasy XIII.

What I remember about the launch of Final Fantasy XIII back in February 2011 was the critical reception of the game with websites and publications such as Edge magazine giving it 5 out of 10. This for a major entry in the main franchise! Could the poor scores have been justified? I was curious and bought the game.

Final Fantasy XIII Cast
The Cast of Final Fantasy XIII

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Soundtrack to a Genki Life

It is summer and I’m searching for a job and practicing writing out my kanji so I need a soundtrack. Here’s what has caught my attention. A top 18 if you will.

My Bloody Valentine – Blown a Wish

I used to listen to Jazz, Hip-Hop (real stuff like Big L and Wu-Tang) and anime soundtracks and despite the fact I break those albums out I’m increasingly listening to electronic/ambient/shoe-gazing music. This track in particular is like a cake with a rich filling, it’s one to close your eyes and savour. I feel like this is my entry to a dream realm.

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