Genkinahito Decides the 2011 Academy Awards

Here are the results

The Academy Awards or Oscars are on the 27th of February, the nominations were released on the 25th of January. I’ll list them here. It may change because I’m going to watch True Grit and Black Swan but this is the list and what I think should win. If you want to read what I thought about the films then check the reviews section.

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The Social Network

Directed and written by heavyweight talents David Fincher (Fight Club) and Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing), The Social Network opens in a busy bar, Mark Zuckerberg, soon-to be co-founder of Facebook, asks his girlfriend, Erica (Rooney Mara), 

“How do you distinguish yourself?”

Jesse Eisenberg in a scene from The Social Network

He’s desperate to join one of the universities exclusive clubs and in a fast talking conversation – with him mostly doing the talking, it is clear that he can’t socialise, dipping in and out of conversation leaving Erica adrift as he focuses on himself. Realising that Mark is self-obsessed, Erica admits, just before she dumps him,

“Dating you is like dating a stairmaster – it’s exhausting”

A scene from The Social Network

It’s a line typical of Sorkin’s wit but the opening scene and the question, “How do you distinguish yourself?” set the questions and tone for the movie.

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