AMV of the Week: Hello World

No. Nothing to do with programming.

Part of the fun with watching anime music videos is trying to guess which anime has been used. It’s also a good way of measuring just how in touch you are with your roots or current trends.

Or out of touch.

The AMV I have selected this week is a brilliant mash-up of so many different anime coupled with the music of Susumu Hirasawa (Girl in Byakoya from Paprika).

Thankfully I know what the anime is because the editor’s have placed a list on the YouTube page:

5 Centimeters per Second, Ah! My Goddess (TV), Air Gear (TV), Air Summer special, Animatrix, BECK, Black Lagoon (TV), Blood+ (TV), Bokurano (TV), Cowboy Bebop, Death Note (TV), Densha Otoko (opening only), Eureka Seven, GunGrave, Gunslinger Girl, Itazura na Kiss (TV), Jin-Roh, Macross 7, Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro (TV), Paprika (Movie), Welcome to the NHK, Wolf’s RainMusic/ Hirasawa Susumu – Girl in Byakoya

I guess I’m out of touch due to the fact I haven’t watched most of them but the ones I have watched have been indelibly imprinted upon my memory because the moments of recognition elicited a delighted gasp and a smile.

The ones I recognise clearly were Beck, Black Lagoon, Blood+, Cowboy Bebop and Paprika.

Despite being classics from different genres, they meld well to create a wonderful video that captures the beauty of the form (boy, do I like repeating myself) and the world. With all that is going on in the world, I think some beauty is on order (and I’m going to see Norwegian Wood tonight).


AMV of the Week – Bloodlust

04/10/11 nearly eight months after posting the video has disappeared. The stuffin this post might go into a larger Blood+ article.


As I continue watching AMV’s and my taste drifts more towards electronica and 8-bit chip-tune music that only a few years ago I would have considered dirge, I’m discovering new artists I like and I like these guys. You Love Her Coz Shes Dead.

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