Anime Heroines’ – Late 2000’s


Hello once again dear audience. The final part of my anime heroines’ thread takes in the most modern of anime and the most modern of anime girls I watched in the years 2007-11 where a wealth of anime opened up online. Undoubtedly animation has become slicker and the stories are just as, if not even more entertaining than ever before but have the female characters improved?

I’m not sure.

I haven’t and won’t watch every anime out there, there’s far too much but I have watched a lot. Show’s like Monster and Le Chevalier D’Eon feature a cast of characters rich in depth and style, but most of them tend to be male. When I think back to 2010 with anime like Sora no Woto, Occult Academy and Durarara!!, the female characters ultimately turned out to be rather flat, adhering to one type or another, tsundere, moe etc. So who are the anime heroines that have impressed me?

Revy – Black Lagoon (Madhouse)

Revy in action in the anime Black Lagoon The anime I watched that got me back into the medium after a long break. When I watched the second episode of Black Lagoon online I fell in love immediately due to its ballsy combination of extreme action, over the top set pieces and a distinctive cast of characters. The lead character may be a Japanese salary-man/fish out of water named Rokuro but chinese-American gunslinger Revy muscles him out of the spotlight with her sheer bravado and ruthlessness.

Black Lagoon's Revy taking a hostage

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AMV of the Week Gay Bar

Electric Six were popular for a brief while – only very briefly – and yet when I think about their music it seems unfair because they are the most infectiously enjoyable songs ever and they have this strange but hilarious polymorphous sexuality to the lyrics… or something along those lines. Just listen to the music in the AMV.

Anyway, grafting the anime Serial Experiments Lain, Azumanga Daioh and Revolutionary Princess Utena and Black Lagoon into the perverted world of Electric Six and Photoshopping amusing elements like Google Maps, erotic Ghost in the Shell wallpaper and l33t speak onto Lain’s many electronic devices showed ingenuity in bringing together a melange of sources to create a brilliant comedic AMV whilst subverting some of the more interesting and endearing female characters in anime.

Speaking of female characters, this AMV marks the start of a self-analysis I’ll conduct looking into my response to anime girls over the long period of time I have engaged with the medium. Prompted be a comment in a post from yesterday I decided that this would make an interesting series of posts as well as reviewing some of the older titles in my anime collection. At the end, I’ll top it off with another AMV celebrating female’s in the anime medium. Hope you hang in there with me as I reveal some classic anime heroines.

AMV of the Week: Hello World

No. Nothing to do with programming.

Part of the fun with watching anime music videos is trying to guess which anime has been used. It’s also a good way of measuring just how in touch you are with your roots or current trends.

Or out of touch.

The AMV I have selected this week is a brilliant mash-up of so many different anime coupled with the music of Susumu Hirasawa (Girl in Byakoya from Paprika).

Thankfully I know what the anime is because the editor’s have placed a list on the YouTube page:

5 Centimeters per Second, Ah! My Goddess (TV), Air Gear (TV), Air Summer special, Animatrix, BECK, Black Lagoon (TV), Blood+ (TV), Bokurano (TV), Cowboy Bebop, Death Note (TV), Densha Otoko (opening only), Eureka Seven, GunGrave, Gunslinger Girl, Itazura na Kiss (TV), Jin-Roh, Macross 7, Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro (TV), Paprika (Movie), Welcome to the NHK, Wolf’s RainMusic/ Hirasawa Susumu – Girl in Byakoya

I guess I’m out of touch due to the fact I haven’t watched most of them but the ones I have watched have been indelibly imprinted upon my memory because the moments of recognition elicited a delighted gasp and a smile.

The ones I recognise clearly were Beck, Black Lagoon, Blood+, Cowboy Bebop and Paprika.

Despite being classics from different genres, they meld well to create a wonderful video that captures the beauty of the form (boy, do I like repeating myself) and the world. With all that is going on in the world, I think some beauty is on order (and I’m going to see Norwegian Wood tonight).


Sun, Sea, Surf and bloodshed. Just another day for the Lagoon Company. Black Lagoon.

Sometimes I watch a series that makes me remember why I love anime and Black Lagoon is one of those series. I finished watching it last year but its memorable characters, unique setting and sheer lunacy still keep me entertained. Madhouse Studios have an exceptional talent at creating anime or adapting manga: Monster, Dennou Coil, Paprika… Add Black Lagoon to the mix.

The Black Lagoon Team
Benny, Rock, Revy and Dutch

For those who haven’t watched it:  Rokurō Okajima, a put upon salary-man is in South East Asia delivering a disk with top-secret nuclear plans for his company. Unfortunately, criminal group, Hotel Moscow want that disk and hire the mercenary group, Lagoon company to intercept Rokurō on the high seas. Realising his value a hostage, the Lagoon crew (consisting of Dutch, Benny and Revy) take him hostage on their World War II torpedo boat named Black Lagoon.

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