The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2017 Line-Up


The good folks at The Japan Foundation announced the titles that will be screened across the UK in their Touring Film Programme for 2017 and it’s an eclectic bunch of films connected by the theme of odd obsessions! The idea is to look at Japan through movies that depict desires, hopes and impulses and these cinematic delights stretch across many mediums and genres from anime romances to a documentary on a fish market.

Audiences across England, Scotland, and Ireland will get the chance to see all of this at various points from February 03rd to March 29th as the tour takes in fifteen cities with events kicking off in London at the ICA (see below for the full list of venues).

The programme is stacked with interesting titles which I will detail below:

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Japan Cuts 2016 Preview

Japan Cuts 2016 Banner

Japan Cuts 2016 takes place from July 14th to the 24th and there are lots of familiar titles, many of which I’ll put as shorter entries to save space. However you cut it the line-up is really good with a diverse mixture of genres and stories. The guestlist is absolutely fantastic with the likes of Lily Franky, Atsuko Maeda, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sion Sono, and so many more talented filmmakers descending upon the festival! Here’s hoping Adam Torel of Third Window Films gets to attend the festival to introduce three films he has helped come into being. There’s also Japan Cuts Microcinema which sees some of the best short films from the last ten years played throughout the festival. Each film lasts around 30 minutes and people can jump in and watch whichever title takes their fancy between films. There’s also an interesting talk which analyses the Japanese film industry and how films get made.

What is on the programme, then? This is a quick preview but there’s a lot. I’ll break it down into sections and you can view trailers and more details for each on the films by clicking on the links:

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Biri Gyaru, The Next Generation Patlabor: Shuto Kessen, Kuro 100 Minutes Version, Akahama Rock ‘n Roll and Other Japanese Film Trailers

Happy weekend, audience!

Bakemono no Ko Anime Image

It is the month of May and the film festivals start crowding the calendar so expect posts on a few of them. I’ve still got plenty of reviews ready to post and I may try and get back into writing about anime but maybe not first impressions or series reviews (I’m more into writing about films at the minute). The reason for my resurgent interest in writing is because of a few stellar shows like Ore Monogatari!!, Yahari Ore no Seishun…, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Kekkai Sensen which I have been ranting about. Anyway, back to films, I posted a review of the Korean film Broken (2014) and about the trailer for The Boy and the Beast.

Well here’s the latest set of trailers for films released in Japan this weekend:

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