Wild Zero ワイルドゼロ (1999)

Wild Zero    

Wild Zero Film Poster
Wild Zero Film Poster

ワイルドゼロ 「Wairudo Zero

Release Date: August 08th, 1999 (Japan)

Running Time: 98 mins.

Director: Tetsuro Takeuchi

Writer: Satoshi Takagi, Tetsuro Takeuchi (Screenplay),

Starring: Guitar Wolf, Drum Wolf, Bass Wolf, Masashi Endo, Kwancharu Shitichai, Haruka Nakajo, Yoshiyuki Morishita,


Wild Zero is a film from 1999 which was shot in Thailand (doubling up for Japan) and directed by Tetsuro Takeuchi, a veteran of the music video scene. It’s a B-movie about a young guy discovering the power of rock and love with help from real-life garage rock power trio Guitar Wolf.

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