I like the idea that the first film review on this blog was December 2009 and about that sci-fi epic Avatar and the last review of 2010 will be a film that can be considered the anti-Avatar, the low budget Monsters.

Six years ago a space probe was launched to collect samples. On its return, it broke up over Central America leaving in its wake new biological life. Andrew Kaulder (Scoot McNairy) is a cynical photojournalist working for New World Chronicle in Mexico. He is searching for the perfect shot of a monster, especially one causing tragedy. He is asked to escort an injured Sam Wynder (Whitney Able), daughter of the man who owns New World Chronicle, to a sea port to get her back to America. Unfortunately, they have to travel overland through Central America to the US border.

Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able in Monsters

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You’ll forgive me if I dispense with the usual layout of a review with a plot summary, some teasers, the good, the bad, the ugly and a score and just say this. Avatar is the best 3D movie ever. Sometimes just admiring beauty is good.

This is a spectacular sci-fi movie with plenty of action and a display of what the latest in 3D technology can do to immerse an audience in a film. And believe me, this is one of the most immersive and visually impressive films of the year with or without 3D.

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