Phases of the Moon, Space Adventure Cobra, Kaigan dori no Nekomimi Tantei, Doro no ko to semai ie no Monogatari, Doughnuts Mori, Night Skirt, Watashi no Shiranai Anata ni Tsuite, Naniwa Kinyudo Zeni to Namida to Kenri to Onna Japanese Film Trailers

Happy Weekend

I Am a Hero

This is the first of a two-part trailer post. The second part goes up tomorrow, so come back for more.

What are the first batch of films released this weekend?

Phases of the Moon    Phases of the Moon Film Poster R

月の満ち欠け Tsuki no Michikake

Release Date: December 02nd, 2022

Duration: 128 mins.

Director: Ryuichi Hiroki

Writer: Hiroshi Hashimoto (Script), Shogo Sato (Original Novel),

Starring: Yo Oizumi, Kou Shibasaki, Sairi Ito, Kasumi Arimura, Ren Meguro,

Website IMDB

A film adaptation of the best-selling novel by Nohsho Sato. It won the Naoki Prize in 2017. This stars solid drama/comedy actor Yo Oizumi (Farewell: Comedy of Life Begins with a Life), Kasumi Arimura (Oizumi’s co-star in I Am a Hero) and Kou Shibasaki (Battle Royale). It was one of a number of films directed by Ryuichi Hiroki (Your Friends, Vibrator) to be released this year.

Synopsis: Kei Osanai has lost his wife and daughter in a tragic accident. It is when he is deep in grief that a young man visits him to announce that Kei’s daughter had come to see him. She had the same name as a woman he once loved. A decades-long forbidden love story is revealed…


Space Adventure Cobra    Space Adventure Cobra Film Poster R

スペースアドベンチャー コブラ Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: Guren no Kizuna-hen

Release Date: July 03rd, 1982

Duration: 108 mins

Director: Osamu Dezaki

Writer: Buichi Terasawa, Haruya Yamazaki (Screenplay), Buichi Terasawa (Original Creator)

Starring: Shigeru Matsuzaki (Cobra), Akiko Nakamura (Jane Flower), Goro Mutsumi (Crystal Bowie), Jun Fubuki (Dominique Flower), Toshiko Fujita (Catherine Flower),

Animation Production: Tokyo Movie Shinsha

Website  ANN  MAL

I watched this back in the 90s and didn’t like it at the time. Will my opinion of it have changed? Anyway, this has been given the 4K treatment to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its release. This was directed by Osamu Dezaki, the man who directed the TV versions of Ashita no Joe and The Rose of Versailles.

Synopsis: Cobra is an infamous space pirate known throughout the galaxy. In this movie, he works with a bounty hunter named Jane to rescue her sisters Catherine and Dominique from a strange being known as Crystal Boy. Cobra finds himself drawn into a complex struggle over the fate of a mysterious wandering planet.


Kaigan dori no Nekomimi Tantei    Kaigan dori no Nekomimi Tantei Film Poster R

海岸通りのネコミミ探偵 Kaigan dori no Nekomimi Tantei

Release Date: December 02nd, 2022

Duration: 88 mins.

Director: Takehiro Shindo

Writer: Hiroko Kanasugi (Script), 

Starring: Hikaru Makshima, Masato Wada, Mari Hoshino, Yu Tokui, Shinji Ozeki,


Synopsis: Teru Nekozuka lives in Shonan with his pet cat Mimi. When she disappears, Teru seeks the help Kosuke Saruwatari, a pet detective. They quickly find Mimi, living with a couple, but since Nekozuka can’t afford to pay Saruwatari, he has to help the private eye. This is when a boy named Yuta asks for help finding his cat Gonta. Saruwatari wants to turn the boy away, which is cruel because Yuta’s parents are going through a divorce, but Nekozuka feels a connection because his parents also divorced…


Doro no ko to semai ie no Monogatari    Doro no ko to semai ie no Monogatari Film Poster R

泥の子と狭い家の物語 Doro no ko to semai ie no Monogatari

Release Date: December 02nd, 2022

Duration: 117 mins.

Director: Masahiro Nishioka

Writer: Sakiko Yashige (Script), Kunihiko Okamoto (Original Story),

Starring: Himari Oda, Nanao Tsukioka, Toshiaki Tsutsui, Misato Tanaka, Kayoko Fujii, Takashi Yuasa, Kotone Sakata,


A film adaptation of a same-named stage play by Kunihiko Okamoto. It was made into a radio drama on NHK in 2013.

Synopsis: Azuki lives with her family in Osaka and while things can’t be described as perfect, they are going okay. When a mysterious woman named Kagami enters the household to help care for Azuki’s grandmother Matsuko, she also helps the others such as Azuki’s father, with his bad back, and her mother, who becomes more upbeat. Despite these happy occurrences, Azuki is suspicious of Kagami and she is right to be as the woman has ulterior motives… 

Doughnuts Mori    Doughnuts Mori Film Poster R

ドーナツもり Do-natsu Mori

Release Date: December 02nd, 2022

Duration: 44 mins.

Director: Yoshimi Joya

Writer: Yoshimi Joya (Script), 

Starring: Azusa Nakazawa, Tomomitsu Adachi, Yusuke Takahashi, Tateto Serizawa, Karin Nishina, Sei Ando,


Synopsis: Kagurazaka is a cool area of Tokyo with lots of French bakeries and small confectioners. It is here that the doughnut shop “Donut Mori” can be found. We watch as a part-timer named Kimiko meets various customers and gets involved in their lives. As she does this, she comes to confront her own problems.

Night Skirt    Night Skirt Film Poster R

夜のスカート Yoru no Suka-to

Release Date: December 02nd, 2022

Duration: 37 mins.

Director: Tadasuke Kotani

Writer: Tadasuke Kotani, Kensuke Tsutsumi (Script), 

Starring: Mayu Ozawa, Tomoki Kimura, Aira Arai,


This film was produced by lead actor Mayu Ozawa and based on an experience a friend had endured.

Synopsis: Mika is a hairdresser in her twenties living in a corner of Tokyo who recently lost her mother to cancer. While sorting through her mother’s belongings, Mika finds one of her skirts which she loved as a child. Around the same time she reconnects with a former elementary school classmate named Akio. He is recently divorced and looking after his daughter. The two exchange contact information and meet again later that night when Mika runs into trouble and asks Akio for help. For some reason, when he arrives to aid her, he is wearing a skirt…

Watashi no Shiranai Anata ni Tsuite    Watashi no Shiranai Anata ni Tsuite Film Poster R

私の知らないあなたについて Watashi no Shiranai Anata ni Tsuite

Release Date: December 02nd, 2022

Duration: 131 mins.

Director: Hiroshi Horiuchi

Writer: Hiroshi Horiuchi (Script), 

Starring: Arisa Sasaki, Konatsu Kato, Rintaro Mizusawa, Yuya Hirata, Kenshin Endo, Yuka Yoshimura,



Synopsis: The Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing and Keiko, a university student, is looking for a job. When she learns that someone who had feelings for her has committed suicide, she worries that she may be the cause. Her best friend Mami tries to introduce her to Kazuo, a member of the theatre troupe that her boyfriend Takuya presides over. However, when Keiko meets Takuya, she develops feelings for him. As this is going on, a lonely man named Miyata meets Keiko. 

Naniwa Kinyudo Zeni to Namida to Kenri to Onna   Naniwa Kinyu Michi Haibara, Teikoku Kinyu no Mon o tataku! Film Poster R

ナニワ金融道 銭と泪と権利と女 Naniwa Kinyudo Zeni to Namida to Kenri to Onna

Release Date: December 02nd, 2022

Duration: 60 mins.

Director: Hirokazu Fujisawa

Writer: Hirokazu Fujisawa (Script), Yuuji Aoki (Original Manga),

Starring: Mahiro Takasugi, Masaya Kato, Saori, Takashi Nishina, Yurina Yanagi,


An adaptation of the manga Naniwa Kinyu Michi which is set in the shady side of the financial world of Osaka. This is the second of three episodes to be released in theatres over three consecutive weeks.

Synopsis: Tatsuyuki Haibara struggled to find a job due to a poor credit score but one place willing to hire him is Teikoku Finance, a “street money” lender that employs dubious methods to get customers to repay their loans. Tatsuyuki is still kind-hearted, despite his struggles.

4 thoughts on “Phases of the Moon, Space Adventure Cobra, Kaigan dori no Nekomimi Tantei, Doro no ko to semai ie no Monogatari, Doughnuts Mori, Night Skirt, Watashi no Shiranai Anata ni Tsuite, Naniwa Kinyudo Zeni to Namida to Kenri to Onna Japanese Film Trailers

  1. COBRA, the TV serie is a masterpiece for me. The new serie (2010) is fabulous too. Incredible anime! But this 4K new release is the OAV I think. It’s not so interesting…

    1. I wonder if it is at all popular. Everyone knows Leiji Matsumoto’s works and they are constantly adapted but Space Adventure Cobra doesn’t seem as popular. What do you think?

      1. It was very popular in Japan, and in France. All the people of my generation know COBRA. 2 or 3 years ago, there were some new Cobra tee-shirts at Uniqlo in Japan. But the kids and teenagers don’t know anything about Cobra – they don’t know Leiji Matsumoto either.

      2. That makes sense although I feel like Matsumoto is kept in the public consciousness more due to re-releases of the older films and remakes of Harlock and Battleship Yamato. This is the first I’ve heard mention of Cobra in many years.

        This will definitely be a blast from the past for audiences both old and young…

        Ugh, getting old…

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