“Human, This Dramatic Thing”: The Kaito Yoshimura Performance Showcase

At Tokyo’s Theatre Shinjuku from September 19 – 21 and then Osaka’s Cine Libre Umeda on October 20th, you can see a selection of films made by Takayuki Hayashi and starring Kaito Yoshumura. This showcase is called:

Human This Damatic Thing

Human, This Dramatic Thing

Ningen, Kono Gekiteki Naru Mono 人間、この劇的なるもの

Kaito Yoshimura is a rising actor who has been busy on the indie scene for quite a while. He pops up in supporting roles a lot and his filmography is really diverse. You can see him in titles such as with Love and Other CultsDawn of the Felines, Destruction Babies, and Dancing Mary. He also takes leading roles as in Goodbye Silence and Far Away, Further Away. He has a distinctive presence and for this showcase, we get some works that push him as an actor.

There are two short films and a feature to be had, with one short being a near one-man show. Here’s the trailer for the showcase:

And here are the films:

I Want to Be There    I Want to Be There Film Poster

そこにいようとおもう Soko nni Iyou to Omou

Release Date: September 19th, 2022

Duration: 15 mins.

Director: Takayuki Hayashi

Writer: Takayuki Hayashi, Rei Tsuruga (Script), 

Starring: Kaito Yoshimura, Kenta Suga, Hayate Wada, Hideaki Murata,


This short film was selected for Season 3 of the MIRRORLIAR FILMS anthology project. 

Synopsis: Childhood friends Manabu, Kensuke, and Yuta reunite in their hometown for the first time in a long while because they are attending the funeral of a classmate. Following the ceremony, they catch a taxi together and Kensuke and Yuta have a lively conversation about the past. Manabu, meanwhile, becomes somewhat irritated by their chatter.

I Want to Be There Film Image Kaito Yoshimura


情動 Jodo

Release Date: September 19th, 2022

Duration: 15 mins.

Director: Takayuki Hayashi

Writer: Takayuki Hayashi, Yosuke Fukigami (Script), 

Starring: Kaito Yoshimura, Aoi Yoshikura, Hiroki Ootsu,


This short film won the Special Jury Prize at the 2021 edition of the Tanabe-Benkei Film Festival. This event comes up every year and is known for highlighting up-and-coming filmmakers.

The film takes place in one location and features Yoshimura portraying a character going stir crazy as a pandemic knocks the world off balance. 

Synopsis: A virus is spreading through Tokyo and a lockdown has been in effect for three months. Mamoru, a young factory worker, finds himself isolated, his only company being phone calls with his boss, his girlfriend, and food delivery services as well as radio broadcasts that deliver dire news every day. As Mamoru faces betrayal from those lifelines, he begins to sense that his human-like emotions have been eroded.

Emotion Film Image

From Dawn to Midday on the Sea    From Dawn to Midday on the Sea Film Poster R

情動海の夜明けから真昼まで Umi no Yoake Kara Mahiru Made

Release Date: September 19th, 2022

Duration: 15 mins.

Director: Takayuki Hayashi

Writer: Takayuki Hayashi, (Script), Shun Umezawa (Original Manga),

Starring: Kaito Yoshimura, Hanon, Yuu Uemura, Aino Kuribayashi, Runa Endo, Jiei Wakabayashi, Kento Sakurai, Ryota Miura,


A live-action film adaptation of a story from Shun Umezawa’s omnibus manga 一匹と九十九匹と. Umezawa has recently won awards for his manga Darwin Incident.

Synopsis: A small port town not to distant from a city plays host to three dramatic episodes, one involving a man who has given up on life and society, a girl kept confined because of that man, and her classmate who suffers violence.

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