Shin Ultraman シン・ウルトラマン (2022) Director: Shinji Higuchi [New York Asian Film Festival 2022]

Shin Ultraman   Shin Ultraman Film Poster

シン・ウルトラマン Shin Urutoraman

Release Date: May 13th, 2022

Duration: 112 mins.

Director: Shinji Higuchi

Writer: Hideaki Anno (Script), 

Starring: Takumi Saito, Masami Nagasawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Soko Wada, Daiki Arioka, Akari Hayami,

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Saturday Jul 23, 1:00pm

Film at Lincoln Center

Director Shinji Higuchi and Producer Tomoya Nishino will attend the screening.

Full disclosure, I am not a tokusatsu fan and I am lukewarm when it comes to kaiju eiga. Despite the lack of enthusiasm, I loved Shin Godzilla and so when news dropped that Ultraman, Japan’s biggest tokusatsu-vs.-kaiju series was getting a revival courtesy of Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, the duo behind Shin Godzilla, I was intrigued enough to watch it. I wasn’t disappointed.

The film kicks off with a big bang as we are thrown into a the middle of a series of kaiju attacks on Japan delivered by a machine-gun montage of various mammoth monsters mashing their surroundings accompanied by expressive exposition-heavy on-screen text that gives us the lowdown on the creatures, the Japanese government’s response, and introduces the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol Enforcement Unit – or SSSP team – we will be following who are formed to exterminate these extra-terrestrial enemies.


Led on the field by the unflappable Captain Kimio Tamura (Hidetoshi Nishijima), their number consists of super-sexy sardonic strategic planner Shinji Kaminaga (Takumi Saitoh), nerdy megane-wearing biologist Yumi Funaberi (Akari Hayami), and scruffy-haired sci-fi otaku unparticle physicist Akihisa Taki (Daiki Arioka). Working hand-in-hand with the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, they tackle towering titans of mass destruction. Creepy-crawly-esque or lizard-like in design, these creatures exhibit different attacks which the SSSP team analyse and neutralise. 

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