Grown-ups わたし達はおとな (2022) Director: Takuya Kato [New York Asian Film Festival 2022]

Grown-ups    We Are Adults Film Poster

わたし達はおとな Watashitachi wa Otona

Release Date: June 10th, 2022

Duration: 108 mins.

Director: Takuya Kato

Writer: Takuya Kato (Script), 

Starring: Mai Kiryu, Kisetsu Fujiwara, Rio Kanna, Kurumi Shimizu, Kokoro Morita, Toori Sakurada, Hirona Yamasaki, Reiko Kataoka,

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Saturday Jul 23, 9:00pm
Film at Lincoln Center

Grown-ups is an original romantic drama by Takuya Kato, a playwright making his screen debut with this feature. In charting the breakup between two 20-somethings who are unprepared for the responsibilities expected of adults, he offers an antidote to the saccharine sweetness of countless romance films with happy endings. 

The plot essentially follows the rupture that occurs in the relationship between an art design student named Yumi (Mai Kiryu) and her boyfriend Naoya (Kisetsu Fujiwara), a theatre student who dreams of becoming a director, after they find that she is pregnant. 

The context of the drama is campus life where everything gravitates around smartphones, sex, and university assignments. The locations are mostly lecture theatres, coffee shops and canteens. The characters are almost entirely drawn from the student body. We see that they are middle to upper class from their apartments and clothing, the fact that they can go on holiday and they can dream of jobs in the arts. The emergence of a child puts the brakes on Yumi and Naoya’s playtime and conflict arises. There is nothing new here but how it unfolds is the unique point of the film.

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