Made in Japan, Yamagata 1989 – 2021 – 10 Films from the History of the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival

Starting on today, 10 films from Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival will be available to stream for 3 weeks from January 17 to February 06, 2022 and THE FIRST WEEK IS FREE!

These films will be available worldwide (excluding Japan) on DAFilms, the webpage for DOC ALLIANCE, an organisation that aims to push forward the best in documentary films. It’s a subscription service that gives low-cost access for festival films and it’s updated regularly. 

Here’s a trailer for the Yamagata selection:

The selection of films in Made in Japan, Yamagata 1989 – 2021 stretch all of the way back to the inaugural edition of Yamagata Doc Fest in 1989, the start of what would be the first festival of dedicated to documentaries in Asia. Followers of this blog may remember that I covered a selection of films last year and can heartily recommend Toshio Iizuka’s A Movie Capital which gives a wonderful insight into the execution of the first Yamgata Doc Fest.

Other works come from filmmakers like Naomi Kawase (VisionRadiance, Sweet Bean), Yutaka Tsuchiya (GFP BUNNY), Ryusuka Hamaguchi (Happy Hour, Touching the Skin of Eeriness), and Kaori Oda (Towards a Common Tenderness). 

So, the films available from January 17th:

A Movie Capital // Toshio Iizuka // 1991

Living on the River Agano // Makoto Sato // 1992

The Weald // Naomi Kawase // 1997

The New God // Yutaka Tsuchiya // 1999

A2 // Tatsuya Mori // 2001

The Cheese and the Worms // Haruyo Kato // 2005

Dear Pyongyang // Yonghi Yang // 2005

Storytellers // Ko Sakai, Ryosuke Hamaguchi // 2013

Cenote // Kaori Oda // 2019

Pickles and Komian Club // Koichi Sato // 2021

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