Japanese Films at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2021

The Edinburgh International Film Festival takes place from the 18th to the 25th of August and there is one Japanese film there

The Deer King      The Deer King Film Poster

鹿の王 ユナと約束の旅 Shika no Ou: Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi

Release Date: September 10th, 2021

Duration: 120 mins.

Director: Masashi Ando, Masayuki Miyaji

Writer: Taku Kishimoto (Script), Nahoko Uehashi (Original Creator)

Starring: Anna Watanabe (Sae), Shinichi Tsutsumi (Van), Ryoma Takeuchi (Hossal), Hisui Kimura (Yuna),

Animation Production: Production I.G

Website ANN MAL

This was made by talent involved with Princess Mononoke and Your Name. It has been acquired for UK distribution by Anime Limited while GKids is handling US distribution.

Synopsis: Van was once the head of an elite warrior corps sent to defend his homeland from the invasion by the Empire of Zol. However, he was captured and turned into a slave ordered to toil away in a salt mine. One night, the salt mine is attacked by a pack of dogs that are carrying a plague. Zol and a young girl named Yuna are both bitten but both escape. It turns out that a mysterious sickness is overtaking the land and Van and Yuna are caught up in its spread. They learn more from an ally named Hohsalle, a gifted physician, searching for a cure for the disease…

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