Gekijouban Police X Heroine Lovepatrina! ~ Kaito kara no chosen! Rabu de papatto taiho seyo!~, Haikei Nagatachou, On the Way Back On the Slope of Petros, I Think it’s Time to Stop Playing Music Japanese Film Trailers

Happy Weekend, again.

Haruka's Pottery Film Image Haruka (NAO) and Plate

I hope you are all well.

Following on from yesterday’s trailer post is this follow-up. I suppose the only new thing to mention is Uplink Shibuya has closed for good. The final film was JUNK HEAD which is still going down a storm in Japan.

What else was released this weekend?

Gekijouban Police X Heroine Lovepatrina!! ~ Kaito kara no chosen! Rabu de papatto taiho seyo!~    Gekijouban Porisu × Senshi rabu patori-na! ~ Kaito kara no chosen! Rabu de papatto taiho seyo!~ Film Poster

劇場版 ポリス×戦士 ラブパトリーナ! 怪盗からの挑戦!ラブでパパッとタイホせよ! Gekijouban Porisu × Senshi rabu patori-na! ~ Kaito kara no chosen! Rabu de papatto taiho seyo!~

Release Date: May 21st, 2021

Duration: 77 mins.

Director: Takashi Miike

Writer: Yoichi Kato (Screenplay), Takara Tomy OLM (Original Story)

Starring: Yura Sugiura, Miyu Watanabe, Rina Yamaguchi, Yui Yamashita, Shingo Yanagisawa,

Website IMDB

Synopsis: This tokusatsu drama for girls was directed by Takashi Miike and features girls who solve problems through song and dance. The four members of Love Patrina work with the Tokorozawa branch of Interpol to protect the “Love Diamond” from thieves. However, the ditzy Captain Aikawa loses his love to the enemy Warpjokos while on guard duty, and is turned into a love zealot.


Haikei, Nagatachou    Haikei, nagatachou Film Poster

拝啓、永田町 Haikei, Nagatachou

Release Date: May 21st, 2021

Duration: 101 mins.

Director: Hirokazu Tsuchida

Writer: Hirokazu Tsuchida (Screenplay/Original Story)

Starring: Naoto Nishimura, Arata Yamanaka, Tetsuta Yoshida, Seiju Kusumi, Tetsuo Shimbo, Nao Okabe,


Written and directed by Hirokazu Tsuchida, an active doctor and former member of the House of Councillors, this is a socially-conscious drama with a comedic touch set behind the scenes of elections as experienced by a father and daughter.

Synopsis: After watching the documentary film “Election,” Mineyama, the director of a hospital, decides to run for the House of Councillors with the help of his loyal secretary Sakagami. With only two weeks of campaign time left he suffers a defeat but his strong performance catches the attention of the Seiwa Party which fields him in the supplementary election for the Upper House. Mineyama wins but struggles as a first-year member of the Diet. Meanwhile, Momoko, Sakagami’s daughter, runs for student body president at her high school. By dealing with elections at home and at work, Sakagami is able to see the contrasts between the unreasonableness of adult elections and the earnestness of children’s elections.

On the Way Back, On the Slope of Petros    On the Way Back On the Slope of Petros Film Poster

ペテロの帰り道 Petero no Kaerimichi

Release Date: May 21st, 2021

Duration: 62 mins.

Director: Naoki Okamoto

Writer: Naoki Okamoto (Screenplay), 

Starring: Akari Yoshida, Yuji Nakamura, Dai Higashi, Nabana Yukami, Kazuma Takeda,


Naoki Okamoto’s film sounds very similar to…

Synopsis: Suika (Akari Yoshida) is a correspondence course student at high school. She lost her father to illness when she was young and she has few friends. One day, she meets a middle-aged man who claims to be a god. Suika doesn’t believe this, but she notices that since meeting him, sometimes strange things happen to her. Around this time, she also becomes friends with an older woman named Yumika. Suika gradually changes through her interactions with them but then, one day, the man stares up at the sky and murmurs, “I’m going home.”

I Think it’s Time to Stop Playing Music    I Think it's Time to Stop Playing Music Film Poster

そろそろ音楽をやめようと思うSorosoro Ongaku o Yameyou to Omou

Release Date: May 22nd, 2021

Duration: 90 mins.

Director: Shinichi Ono

Writer: Shinichi Ono (Screenplay), 

Starring: Dynamite☆Naoki, Yoji Tanaka, Sachiko Hatazaki, annie, Kazuhiro Suehiro,


This is Shinichi Ono directorial debut and it is about a man who pursues his musical dreams despite the harshness of reality of his life. The lead role is played by real-life rock musician Dynamite Naoki.

Synopsis: Kenichi dreams (Dynamite Naoki) has long dreamed of becoming a professional musician but despite all of his effort and the support of his wife, Akiko (Sachiko Hatazaki), he has yet to succeed. Just as he enters his 40s he receives an invitation from a former musician, “Would you like to work at my company as a full-time employee? Kenichi thinks long and hard and eventually decides to sell his prized guitar and quit music for the sake of his wife and himself, but things take an unexpected turn…

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