A Morning of Farewell, A Madder Red, End-Of-Life Concierge, Hell’s Garden, Wadaiko Girls Japanese Film Trailers

Welcome to the Weekend…

Berserk Doldrey Guts

We made it to Friday…

This is part one of a two-part trailer post. Now that my workplace has re-opened  to the public I’ll be working this weekend so it isn’t as happy as it would normally be. I’m already feeling a bit battered, exhausted, and down about various things. This music helps me feel a little better.

Then there was tragic news that Kentaro Miura, creator of Berserk had died.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pAOMS6C0rI

I discovered the series back with the Dreamcast game then wrote about the first of the trilogy of films in 2011. I had ditched the anime after the first episode but a passionate fan persuaded me to watch the rest of the series. I’m glad I did because, alongside my mother, sister, grandparents, and some key films, it helped inspire me when I was between jobs and a little lost. Behind the fantasy-horror, its story is all about the dreams we hold, the bonds we make with people, the pain of loss, and the hope we cling on to in life. I think about various scenes and listen to the music from time to time and I remain in awe that Kentaro Miura created something as influential as Berserk. A belated thank you to the man.

Kentaro Miura, RIP

You can read my reviews of the recent films

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If you can, watch the TV anime and read the manga.

Wherever you are Nadia, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll be returning to Berserk soon to keep me going.

Just as miserable is the ongoing conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinians with a huge amount of civilians getting caught up (particularly children). If you want to contribute to aid efforts, head over to Another Screen where you watch films by female Palestinian filmmakers for free. You can donate money which will go to facilitating medical, legal, and infrastructure aid with some donations going to support aspects of the Palestinian film industry.

This week I posted reviews of the films Farewell: Comedy of Life Begins with a Lie and Haruka’s Pottery.

I watched the films Natural Born Killers, C.H.U.D., HANA-BI (which I talked about on Heroic Purgatory – episode coming soon), Frankie and Johnny and Out of the Dark, the Stephen Chow film.

What are some of the films released in cinemas?

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