Under Your Bed アンダー・ユア・ベッド (2019) Dir: Mari Asato

Under Your Bed   Under Your Bed Film Poster

アンダー・ユア・ベッド Anda- Yua Beddo

Release Date: July 19th, 2019

Duration: 98 mins.

Director: MarAsato

Writer: Tatsuya Ishii (Screenplay), Kei Ohishi (Novel)

Starring: Kengo Kora, Kanako Nishikawa, Kenichi Abe, Ryosuke Miyake, Yugo Mikawa,

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Handsome leading man Kengo Kora takes on a daring role in this film as he portrays a stalker who, when we first meet him, is living the dream the title suggests as he is under a bed. Not yours, but his target’s bed. However this movie directed by horror specialist Mari Asato subverts the idea of who the threat is as the peeping tom who prowls around a young woman’s home is the least frightening person lurking there.

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