OP PICTURES+FEST 2020 Films (October 16th – 29th)

OP PICTURES + Fes 2020

OP Pictures is back for another year and it comes in the middle of the Covid-19 OP Pictures Fest 2020 Posterpandemic, a time when intimacy is to be shunned lest the virus get you. These films were mostly made last year before Covid-19 went global and just before the actor Takuya Sakurai died (he appears in a number of these titles). These films are screening between October 16th – 29th at Theater Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Just like last two year’s events (2018 and 2019), this is a collection of pink films produced by Okura Movie and screened over a number of evenings and there is a selection of films from Hideo Jojo who I spoke to at this year’s Osaka Asian Film Festival due to the screening of his film On the Edge of Their Seats – you can find the interview here. A wonderful irony about this is that I have compiled this list of titles and I don’t think I’ll watch them myself but this list might prove useful to others.

It goes without saying that this stuff is NSFW so you have been warned.

Here’s a festival trailer, the films will follow below… 

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