The Modern Lovers, Aoi no zarazara Japanese Film Trailers

Happy weekend, everyone!

vagrant story

I hope you are all well!

I started this week with a review of Coming Back Sunny and an interview with its director, Noriko Yuasa. I then posted about the festival I write for, the Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival, hosting a streaming event. I then posted a review for Woman of the Photographs and an interview with its director, Takeshi Ksuhida.

In terms of films, I have watched The Girl with All the Gifts, the Scorcese version of Cape Fear, Interview with the Vampire and Sleepy Hollow.

I’m currently playing Vagrant Story (which is where the above image is from – found at the US Gamer website) because I’m waking up really early in the morning and don’t want to turn my computer on.

What is released this weekend?

Aoi no zarazara    Aoi no zarazara Film Poster

蒼のざらざら Aoi no zarazara

Release Date: June 27th, 2020

Duration: 116 mins.

Director: Naho Kamimura

Writer: Naho Kamimura (Script)

Starring: Misa Wada, Yuuki Kominami, Ayaka Oguro,

The first feature film directed by Naho Uemura, a young director whose movie, Wander Life, won the Audience Award and the Best Actress Award for MOOSIC LAB 2018. This film was actually first made in 2014.

Synopsis: 14-year-old girl who likes drawing and always hangs out with her bestest bestie Ayako who has the opposite personality. Opposites attract…

The Modern Lovers    The Modern Lovers Film Poster

東京の恋人Tokyo no Koibito

Release Date: June 27th, 2020

Duration: 81 mins.

Director: Atsuro Shimoyashiro

Writer: Atsuro Shimoyashiro, Naoaki Akamatsu (Script),

Starring: Ryu Morioka, Nanami Kawakami, Mutsuo Yoshioka, Ruri Shinato, Tomoki Kumura, Shinji Imaoka, Teruko,


I reviewed this one as part of this year’s Osaka Asian Film Festival and interviewed the director, Atsuro Shimoyashiro, and now it is finally released. Here’s a recent review from Mark Schilling at the Japan Times.

Synopsis: Tatsuo (Ryu Morioka) is a guy who has hit his 30s living in Gunma and he is about to become a father but when his ex-girlfriend, Marina (Nanami Kawakami), drops him a message asking him to take photographs of her, he answers it and heads to Tokyo to meet her. They were lovers in university once, but he dumped her. He does not tell her that he is married while she is more interested in talking about their past. The two head to a seaside town where the passions he had lain aside are rekindled, upsetting his peaceful life.

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