Akira, Keanin: Kokoro ni Saku Hana, Suzushii Kokage Japanese Film Trailers

Happy weekend, everyone!

Akira End

I hope you are all well.

This is my first trailer post in a month and it’s because I am back in the UK after my month-long holiday in Japan.

While I was over there I worked at one film festival, the Osaka Asian Film Festival (as can be seen from my reviews), and I attended another in the place I used to live, Asagaya. I stayed in Osaka and Tokyo with friends, eating and drinking whilst the rest of the world was undergoing Coronavirus shock and social distancing. I was ever aware of the dangers and so I was prepared when I had to cut my time in Japan short by nine days due to British Foreign Office advice recommending people return home before too many countries closing their borders and airlines cancelling routes. I managed to get back home due to the help of two very special women who provided support at a critical time. I owe them a lot. I will continue to do my best for them and for everyone else.

What is released this weekend? Fewer films than we’ve seen in a while, probably due to Coronavirus.

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