OP PICTURES+FEST 2019 Films (August 23 – September 05)

OP PICTURES + Fes 2019” is back for another year, screening between August 23-September 5 at Theater Shinjuku, OP Pictures Fest 2019 Poster Tokyo.

Just like last year’s event, this is a collection of pink films produced by the movie production company, Okura Movie, with the racy bits cut out to secure the R15 rating to open it up to a wider audience. Familiar names grace the staff and cast lists although one director from mainstream and indie cinema makes his debut here in a pink film as director and actor. Whether or not he gets up to some steamy action will only be found out by the people that watch these films. There are 15 titles in total and their release pattern is spread out over two weeks and they are screened two per evening.

It goes without saying that this stuff is NSFW so you have been warned.

Here’s the information that is available so far plus a trailer: 

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