Summer Lights 「なつのひかり」 Dir:  Jean-Gabriel Periot 2016

Summer LightsSummer Nights Film Poster

なつのひかり Natsu no Hikari

Running Time: 83 mins

Director:  Jean-Gabriel Periot

Writer: Jean-Gabriel Periot (Screenplay), Yoko Harano (Collaboration),

Starring: Akane Natsukawa, Hiroto Ogi, Yuzu Horie, Keiji Izumi, Mamako Yoneyama,

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Summer Lights comes from the award-winning French filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Périot. His past work has focussed on non-fiction short films about war, human rights and political struggle. He continues to explore these issues here in his first fiction film about a documentary filmmaker in the company of a capricious young woman who guides him around the city of Hiroshima, the two discovering some of the stories and traumas of the past whilst life blooms around them.

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