The Korean Cultural Centre Will Screen the film “It’s Not Her Sin” on July 20th

The Korean Cultural Centre in London is hosting another series of free film screenings and this one is called, Patchworks: Unwrapping My Korean Cinema. It is the final season of 2017’s Korean Film Nights and apparently the title is “a play on Kim hong-joon’s My Korean Cinema (2002–2006), an 8-episode essay film that explored the director’s relationship with the history of Korean cinema. With each of the 8 episodes tackling a separate facet of the history of Korean cinema, our programme will focus on two episodes within the film: Smoking Women & For the March of Fools.”

The first screening is the 1959 film, It’s Not Her Sin.

This is the first of six films which will be screened on Thursday nights from July to September and these screenings will then be further separated into two mini-strands of three nights each. These two mini-strands will be comprised of five features and a short film programme.

Here’s information on the first film in this season as pulled from the website:

It’s Not Her Sin   It's Not Her Sin Film Poster

Hangul: 그 여자의 죄가 아니다

Running Time: 104 mins.

Director: Sang-ok Shin

Writer: Sang-ok Shin (Screenplay), Gina Kaus (Original Novel)

Starring: Neung-kyeol No, Eun-hie Choi, Jeung-nyeo Ju, Min Lee, Taek-yi Jeon,


It's Not Her Sin Film Image

Synopsis: Produced during the ‘golden age’ of Korean cinema, It’s Not Her Sin tells the story of Seong-hui, wife of the diplomat Baek Sang-ho. After shooting at her husband’s mistress, Yeong-suk, Seong-hui is arrested by the police. With the media reporting a love triangle between the three, Yeong-suk is called in for questioning. With a prosecutor and Baek Sang-ho in attendance, Yeong-suk begins to talk about her past and her relationship with Seong-hui.

With a plot echoing Korean noir films of the 1950s, It’s Not Her Sin offers a more nuanced understanding of womanhood and its circumstances. What would at first glance seem to be another entry into the ‘femme fatale’ genre, Seong-hui is instead presented as a victim of circumstance, rather than an agent of her own demise.

The Korean Cultural Centre hosts this event, and others in the season for free. This is the final season of Korean Film Nights in 2017 so there will be a special drinks reception prior to the screening and it begin at 18:15, with the film beginning at 19:00. The website advises people to arrive early to avoid disappointment. You can order tickets here. The location is:

Korean Cultural Centre UK

1-3 Strand



United Kingdom

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