London Korean Film Festival 2017 Will Screen “Bluebeard” at the Regent Street Cinema on Monday July 10th at 19:30

The London Korean Film Festival will have a special screening of Lee Soo-Yeon’s 2016 thriller Bluebeard at the Regent Street Cinema in London. This is the UK premiere and it will take place on Monday, July 10th at 19:30. The film will be screened at the Arts Picturehouse Cambridge on July 24th at 18:30. It is one of a series screenings in the lead-up to the next London Korean Film Festival held later in the year to tease audiences as to some of the great films that will be programmed.

It says a lot about Korea’s film industry that the London Korean Film Festival can keep screening a contemporary film every month as part of its teaser series and still be sure of having a great programme when it launches at the end of the year. 

The visual style of this look slick and some scenes remind me of Japanese horror films from around 2000. It’s written and directed by a woman named Lee Soo-Yeon and this is her sophomore film. There is a big gap between her works so it will be interesting to see when she next makes a film and how far her career goes. I think, judging by reviews and visuals from screencaps, she’s a real talent to watch. While some people think her work is too complicated (Toronto Film Scene), others think the mystery is impressive (Hancinema). All are agreed that the visuals are top-notch:

Bluebeard Film Scene 2Bluebeard Film Scene 3Bluebeard Scene

Regardless, here are the details:

Bluebeard   Bluebeard Film Poster 3

Running Time: 117 mins.

Director: Lee Soo-Yeon

Writer: Lee Soo-Yeon (Screenplay),

Starring: Cho Jin-Woong, Shin Goo, Kim Dae-Myung, Lee Chung-Ah, Song Young-Chang, Yoon Se-Ah,


Synopsis: Dr. Seung-hoon has lost his flashy clinic in Seoul and his marriage and finds himself living in a small town just outside the metropolis. He rents a cramped apartment above a butcher’s shop and his landlord is one of his patients. During a medical check-up, the heavily sedated old man mumbles a convincing confession of murder. Doctor Seung-hoon begins to become fearful of his downstairs neighbours after dismembered bodies show up close to home and an unsolved serial murder case emerges. Could his landlord be a killer or is Seung-hoon just being paranoid? He must try to find out before he loses his mind.

To find out more about the film and to book tickets, please visit the site through this link or visit the Regent Street Cinema website directly.

Bluebeard Film Poster 2 Bluebeard Film Poster

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