The Korean Cultural Centre Will Screen the film “Seoul Searching” on June 08th

Seoul Searching (2015) is a coming-of-age drama that melds the tropes of a John Hughes teen comedy like The Breakfast Club with the true story about summer camps that took place in 1980s in Korea where foreign-born Korean teenagers learn about their cultural heritage. Since it takes place in the 1980s, a lot of the music comes from there and since it is a film in the mould of something John Hughes might do, expect memorable characters trying to find their own identities amidst comedic situations.

Alas, the trailer sank any interest in the film for me what with the plot being spoiled and the glimpses of the ugly appropriation of black culture which made me uncomfortable. While I don’t have an issue with people of different races experimenting in cultures, it has to be done with respect and a review on Black Nerd Problems has put me off the film entirely due to its dismissive attitude to race. Maybe I might feel differently after watching it for myself.

Here’s information on the latest film as pulled from the website:

Seoul Searching

Running Time: 105 mins.

Director: Benson Lee

Writer: Benson Lee (Screenplay),

Starring: Justin Chon, Jessika Van, In-Pyo Cha. Rosalina Lee, Crystal Kay, Heejun Han,


Synopsis: It is the 1980s and the Korean government has started a special summer camp for “gyopo” or foreign born teenagers where they will spend their summer in Seoul and learn about their “motherland.” This brings together the Korean diaspora so people from different cultures come together and this inevitably leads to culture clashes exarcebatted by the youth, some of whom are trying to manage their own wild impulses.

The Korean Cultural Centre are running a series of films exploring the migrant experience in South Korea since April and it is continuing into June. The screenings typically take place on Thursdays from 19:00 and end at 22:00. The location is:

Korean Cultural Centre UK

1-3 Strand



United Kingdom

Screenings are free but places must be reserved. To find out more about the film and how to book tickets, please visit this site.

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