Korean Film Nights Continues with “The Journal of Musan” on June 01st

The Korean Cultural Centre is continuing its season of films concerned with migration in South Korea. These titles have been programmed by students from the Film Studies Programming and Curation MA programme at the National Film and Television School.

Here’s information on the latest film as pulled from the website:

The Journals of Musan   The Journals of Musan Film Poster

Running Time: 127 mins.

Director: Jung-bum Park

Writer: Jung-bum Park (Screenplay),

Starring: Jung-bum Park, Yonguk Jin, Eunjin Kang, Jin-won Seo, Si-heub Sung, Yougdeok Park,


The Journals of Musan Director-star Park Jung-bum learned the particulars of film-making as assistant director on the films of Lee Chang-dong (Oasis, Poetry), and while Park’s debut feature doesn’t seem to measure up to those films in terms of raw drama, it is socially conscious. Admittedly, this assumption is based on some reviews and a trailer.

Synopsis: Jeon Seung-chul (Park Jung-bum) is a North Korean refugee who has defected to South Korea. Despite his best efforts in trying to adjust to life in Seoul, he discovers that his status as a defector makes it difficult to find a good job due to discrimination and he find it hard to get along with people despite acting in a shy and submissive way. When Seung-chul is harassed by the authorities, he takes a new job at a karaoke bar to gain stability, an appropriate income, and less prejudice for being a defector. He turns to religion and goes to Church as a way of overcoming his isolation and finding some brightness in life.

The Korean Cultural Centre will run this screening on Thursday, June 01st, and it takes place from 19:00 until 22:00. Admission is free but you must book a place. The location is:

Korean Cultural Centre UK

1-3 Strand



United Kingdom

To find out more about the film and to book tickets, please visit this site to book tickets.

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