The Korean Cultural Centre Will Screen the film “Bandhobi” on May 04th

Bandhobi is a film by Dong-il Shin, a Korean filmmaker who I had the chance to meet and talk to at the Osaka Asian Film Festival when he brought over his latest title, Come, Together (2017). His films cover a variety of social issues and Bandhobi looks at issues of racism, illegal immigration and the stresses faced by young people in education and work and those from broken homes and he does this through two sensitively drawn characters.

Here’s information on the latest film as pulled from the website:

Bandhobi Film Image 2

Bandhobi   Bandhobi Film Poster

Running Time: 107 mins.

Director: Dong-il Shin

Writer: Dong-il Shin (Screenplay),

Starring: Jin-hee Baek, Mahbub Alam, In-sook Choi, Won-hee Hyeon, Byeong-gil Jeong, Dong-gyoo Jeong, Mi-hie Kim,


Synopsis: Min-seo (Jin-hee Baek) is a 17-year old girl from a home that is falling apart. Her father is absent and her relationship with her mother can be described as “rocky” at best. With her family falling apart she is developing a rebellious streak and pushes back against normal conventions which is why she finds friendship with Karim (Mahbub Alam), a 29-year old Muslim migrant worker from Bangladesh who is also an outsider. He is desperately trying to retrieve the unpaid wages from his employer. Both feel like they are disenfranchised from society and this shared connection through their dislocation helps them develop a friendship and question why society has to be as unfair as it is.

The Korean Cultural Centre are running a series of films exploring the migrant experience in South Korea throughout April and June and Bandhobi fits in perfectly. The screenings typically take place on Thursdays from 19:00 and end at 22:00. The location is:

Korean Cultural Centre UK

1-3 Strand



United Kingdom

This post is a bit short notice but to find out more about the film and to book tickets, please visit this site to book tickets.

Bandhobi Film Image

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