Japanese Films at the 2016 London East Asia Film Festival

The London East Asia Film Festival debuted last year with a preview event, an episode 0 london-east-asian-film-festival-posterif you will, which marked out its territory and lived up to its name by showcasing films from East Asia. With a focus on bringing directors over and premiering the latest titles to emerge from Japan, Korea, China, and Hong Kong, this festival is an exciting addition to London’s line-up of film-related events.

This year’s event takes place from October 20th to the 30th.

The Korean part is super-strong with a retrospective dedicated to the films of Park Chan-Wook who will be in attendance for Q&As but there are also a number of great Japanese films with the directors coming for Q&As as well!

Here’s the festival trailer:

Here’s the line-up:

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