A Preview of the Japanese Film Festival Ireland

The Japanese Film Festival Ireland takes place throughout April and visits many cities across the Emerald Isle: Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Sligo and Dundalk. Each venue will play a different selection of films from a list packed full of excellent and diverse stories.

This is the eighth year that the festival has run but the first I have covered. With 22 films across 45 screenings in seven locations there’s a lot to see but one thing is for certain: whoever programmed this festival knows what they are doing with indie titles like Three Stories of Love and Sanchu Uprising side-by-side with anime hits like The Boy and the Beast, and mainstream comedies like The Apology King. I’ve previewed many of these for trailer posts and added them to reports on film festivals and while I have not seen many of these I have heard and read critics praising them at various points like end of year top ten lists. I’ve highlighted what I think are the more interesting titles at the top (plus Hana and Alice at the end) and I’ll admit there’s a drama bias. Talk to the version of me from five years ago and it would be Sion Sono all the way. Tastes change but this is also a great chance to catch some great dramatic acting from some of the best actors in Japan and a chance to see and support indie films!

The festival starts on April 03rd and lasts until April 21st. To find out more of what’s on offer including venues, times and dates, trailers (and how to purchase tickets, head on over to the festival website.

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