Takeshi Kitano Comedy Kikujiro on Blu-ray from February 22nd

Third Window Films are set to release a number of films by legendary director Takeshi Kitano on Blu-ray this year. So far we have had the release of Hana-bi (my review here) and we are going to get a number of others such as Kids Return, A Scene at the Sea, Dolls, and Kikujiro. It’s a phenomenal run of titles and Kikujiro is a very popular film. It’s a family film, a road movie and it will make you laugh and cry and laugh even more. Here’s some info from a press release!

Third Window Films are all set to release Kikujiro on February 22nd and it’s going to be available on Blu-ray with a new 2K master from Office Kitano.

Kikujiro Fishing

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