Japanese AV Comedy Makeup Room Release by Third Window Films Today

Makeup Room   

Make Room Film Poster
Make Room Film Poster

メイクルム 「Meikurumu

Japanese Release Date: May 09th, 2015

UK Release Date: October 26th, 2015 Third Window Films

Running Time: 86 mins.

Director: Kei Morikawa

Writer: Kei Morikawa (Screenplay),

Starring: Aki Morita, Beni Itoh, Riri Kuribayashi, Nanami Kawakami, Mariko Sumiyoshi,

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This indie comes from director Kei Morikawa who draws from his experiences as a former adult-video director for this comedy which stars some real life AV actresses. The comedy revolves around the egos and chaos involved in a porn shoot and the antics that happen in the makeup room. It looks like a similar deal to Be My Baby in the sense that it’s effectively a stage play with a limited set, shot on a shoestring budget and features actors doing lots of acting rather than porn. 

Makeup Room Prep

I suppose I should say don’t go in expecting a flesh parade. It’s actually a funny and intelligent peek behind the pink curtain that covers the Japanese porn industry and while it avoids the uglier side of the trade it delves into taboos and problematic areas that the performers encounter in real life.

This title was the big winner of Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival’s Grand Prix earlier this year and it has travelled to the Udine Far East Film Festival:

I’ve already posted about it on Anime UK News so here is my blog post to spread the word!


Makeup Room DVD Case

Directed by Kei Morikawa
(Director of more than 1000 Japanese porn films! His fiction feature debut)

Japan / 2014 / 86 Mins / In Japanese with English subtitles / Colour
Starring Japanese porn stars: Riri Kuribayashi, Nanami Kawakami & Beni Ito alongside indie-film actress Aki Morita (Henge, Sharing)

On DVD October 26th

DVD Special Features:
Interview with Cast & Crew

Synopsis: For the production of a new adult video, make-up artist Tsuzuki (Aki Morita) finds herself in all sorts of chaos when she ends up as the only person taking care of a large and varied cast of adult video stars. From the low-end, ‘will do anything’ Sugar Sato (Mariko Sumiyoshi) to the stuck-up pro Masami Ayase (Beni Ito), seasoned nymph Masako (Riri Kuribayoshi) and the shy newbie Toshiko (Nanami Kawakami), Tsuzuki must navigate a minefield of egos, controlling directors, production issues and more to keep the cast and crew calm during a long and tiresome shoot!  

All shot in just one room and starring many real-life adult video actresses, director Kei Morikawa looks at his own experiences as a director in the adult video industry to make a smart, funny and touching comedy of Japan’s porn industry!


Director’s Biography-
-Kei Morikawa

Kei Morikawa
After working as an assistant director, production assistant and camera operator, Kei Morikawa joined production company E-Staff Union, established by the famous pink and AV director Rokuroh Mochizuki.

Kei Morikawa has directed over 1,000 AV films and his latest work “Ekusute Musume Gekijoban” (roughly translated to ‘The Girl of Hair Extensions’ – a play on the Sion Sono film EXTE: Hair Extensions – a bloody funny film), in which Tomomi Nakatsuka, a former AKB48 member, plays the lead role.

Makeup Room is not a documentary, but a touching and hilarious look behind the curtain of Japan’s porn industry starring some of its top stars and directed by one of its most legendary directors!

Shot in just 2 days with a budget of $2000 it has still gone on to be a hit at many international film festivals!

Yubari Fantastic Film Festival – Winner: Grand Prix
Official Selection – Edinburgh International Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival, Japan Cuts, Taipei Film Festival

9 thoughts on “Japanese AV Comedy Makeup Room Release by Third Window Films Today

  1. RE: “smart, funny and touching” the Japanese porno industry is not however.

    Another Japan paradox: Japan has the world’s most beautiful women, yet the world’s worst pornography. — my opinionated topic for a later discussion.

    1. I agree with you. Some of the stuff I have read about is disturbing. I do wonder why some of the actors agree to be demeaned as much as they are (money, of course) and it’s extra dangerous considering the other ways they are exploited off camera and that a performance in a video is permanent and it can haunt them and ruin lives thanks to all sorts of taboos.

      As I mentioned in this post, the film shies away from the dark side of the industry and comes up with an amusing yet intelligent and human take on it. A more serious examination will have to wait for another film with someone brave enough to risk their career and do it.

      I don’t watch porn but pink films are interesting territory in the sense that a lot of the great directors who emerged from the ’60s onwards (and my favourites in the ’90s/2000’s) got their start in that industry. Despite the interest I have watched four pink films (two from my favourite director Kiyoshi Kurosawa) and reviewed one here – A Woman Named Abe Sada. Here’s an interesting interview on pink films:


      1. I have so many things going on – overtime at work, hanging out with friends, watching anime/doramas, translating books and practicing Japanese – that time spent watching films is shrinking so I use it to watch older titles from the ’90s and ’80s. Even if I did have the time I wouldn’t watch it. It doesn’t hold as much attraction to me as doing other things and I’d feel guilty over wasting time when I could be productive and learning/earning money.

        Perhaps your masterpiece will make me change my routine but you must tell me more such as who the AV stars are 😉

      2. I will still have to cast it, but let’s just say it will have to be an all-female cast.

        Ladies will have to portray the gentlemen — Much in the same way as the original Shakespeare plays were performed by all-male casts — men playing the part of Lady MacBeth, etc.

        It has to be all girl-girl for me, because I sure don’t want to see a schlong in a movie.

      3. So, like the Takarazuka Revue, then, only more explicit. Send me a screener if you make this project happen. You can quote my review on the DVD case 😉

        I see AV actors pop up in horror films so that’s a good area of research. Sola Aoi is a lot of fun to watch even when the horror film is junk.

        In the interests of equality, we’ll let the ladies have an all-male version of this. I’ve noticed yaoi/BL films are getting increasingly common.

      4. So, today in my spare time I watched One-Punch Man. I got my trailer post finished early. Now I’ll practice my Japanese. Tomorrow I’ll watch a film and then work on a film review and practice Japanese. That’s my spare time taken up with things to do.

  2. I have to say the trailer left me a bit underwhelmed to be honest. I’ll probably rent it rather than buy it as I usually support new TWF releases. :\

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