Alien vs Ninja AVN エイリアンVSニンジャ (2011)

Alien vs Ninja   

Alien vs Ninja Film Poster
Alien vs Ninja Film Poster

AVN エイリアンVSニンジャAVN Eirian VS Ninja

Release Date: July 23rd, 2011

Running Time: 81 mins.

Director: Seiji Chiba

Writer: Seiji Chiba (Screenplay),

Starring: Shuji Kshiwabara, Mika Hijii, Ben Hiura, Masanori Mimoto, Donpei Tsuchihira,

The title says it all really. Aliens fighting ninjas. Two of the most iconic draws in cult movie history duke it out in a battle that should be cinematic gold but in the hands of director Seiji Chiba it is boring.

The rumble takes place in Sengoku era Japan where the Iga Ninja clan are spying on feudal lords and debating whether to throw their lot in with Oda Nobunaga or Tokugawa Ieyasu. Yamata, a young and impetuous ninja who revels in the thrill of the fight, is less interested in the politics so when a meteorite crashes into a village and unleashes a trio of aliens he finds himself facing his ultimate test as he fights katana against claw, shuriken against snakelike tail, and fist against fang.

AVN エイリアンVSニンジャ Yamata Image

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