Japanese Film Posters from 2014

2014 has ended! Despite some melancholy, goodbye to all that!

Every weekend I post about the Japanese films that are released in cinemas in Tokyo. The information is scavenged from a variety of different sites like PIA, JFDB, IMDB and ones dedicated to various film festivals. I find it interesting (although I sometimes wish I had some help to do it) and I love looking at the posters that are created to advertise the films.

Last year I compiled all of the posters into a single blog post so people could see what was on offer and I have done it again for 2014. There are multiple posters for various releases (Snow White Murder Case and The World of Kanako, films with ensemble casts that are used on a poster to sell the movie, come to mind) and I may miss some. My own personal favourites are a contradictory bunch I like to go with the most visually entertaining – lots of action or dramatic poses – but then the most simple ones occasionally capture my imagination. I managed to get my hands on a poster or two this year as well 🙂

I sometimes make mistakes especially with the use of romaji so apologies in advance for any spotted.

Other than that brief intro… You can track down the film’s details by clicking in a poster and entering gallery mode to find its name and then searching for it by month or you can just hover the mouse pointer over a poster and select it’s name. Your choice.

Here’s music for you to browse to:


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