Plastic Love Story – Kickstarter to Get it Screened Internationally

Writing trailer posts is long and sometimes difficult but I find it worthwhile because it introduces me to great films that I want to see. One such example stretches all the way back to January when I wrote about a film called Plastic Love Story. I was interested in the trailer but, as is the case with many Japanese indie films, I was resigned to probably never seeing it. Well that could change because there is a Kickstarter already underway to get it screened at international film festivals!

I was contacted by the makers of the film and directed to the Kickstarter page which contains a lot of information about the project, the filmmakers and their ambitions for taking the film on to the international stage. Here’s info and trailer:

‘Plastic Love Story’ presents the coming of age of three girls in Japan and portrays the strength of Japan’s young generation as they overcome hardships. It is from director Ryutaro Nakagawa who is described as one of the leading  young up-and-coming filmmakers in Japan and this might be for a good reason since his films have screened in the US as well as Japan.

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