Real Jinro Game Crash Room of Shudder, The Next Generation Patlabor Chapter 1, 1/11 One Eleventh, Sakura saku Japanese Film Trailers

Genki Anime UK News Spring 2014 ImageThis is the second part of the trailer post.

I have started getting rid of even MORE magazines now with old issues of the East Asian focussed “Neo” being stacked ready for recycling. I’ve gutted my “Edge” video game magazine in the hopes of saving lots and lots of issues of “Sight & Sound”. I might have to get rid of those to free up space… I have also started revising for a Japanese exams so my evening are spent not watching films or writing about them and so I am only putting out one post at the beginning of the week. This week was my Spring 2014 Anime picks. Despite this, I have watched “Watashi no Kirai Tantei” and “Jojo” as well as finishing up winter anime titles like “Reitetsu Hoozuki,” “Sekai Seifuku” and “Space Dandy” which all ended on a high. Expect a winter season round-up and posts for some other titles. Also, THAT LAST EPISODE OF “THE WALKING DEAD” WAS AWESOME!

Ahem… Here are the rest of the trailers for this weekend.


Real Jinro Game Crash Room of Shudder   Real Jinro Game Crash Room of Shudder Film Poster

Japanese: リアル人狼ゲーム 戦慄のクラッシュ・ルーム

Romaji: Riaru Jinro Gemu Senritsu no Kuratshu Rumu

Running Time: 78 mins.

Release Date: April 05th, 2014 (Japan)

Director: Seisoku Kajita

Writer: Seisoku Kajita (Screenplay), Naoya Higuchi (Original Novel)

Starring: Mariya Nagao, Hiroyuki Kajima, Risako Tokoro, Yuka Hanamura, Ryosuke Miswa, Kazuki Tsuruoka, Rio Takahashi

Mai’s boyfriend is returning from a business trip and so she heads to his apartment to greet him. She doesn’t find him. She finds 7 different people who claim the apartment is theirs. Will they be willing to claim an unidentified body in the bathroom?



The Next Generation Patlabor Chapter 1  The Next Generation Patlabor Film Poster

Japanese: THE NEXT GENERATION ‐パトレイバー


Running Time: 62 mins.

Release Date: April 05th, 2014 (Japan)

Director: Mamoru Oshii

Writer: Mamoru Oshii, Kei Yamamura (Screenplay), Masami Yuki The Next Generation Patlabor Film Poster 2(Original Novel)

Starring: Erina Mano, Toshio Kakei, Seiji Fukushi, Rina Ohta, Shigeru Chiba, Yoshinori Horimoto, Yoshikatsu Fujiki, Kouhei Shiotsuka, Shigekazu Tajiri

This is the first in a seven-part series of films that act as a continuation of the Patlabor series with a brand new set of characters. Kenji Kawai is returning to the franchise to compose the music. Apparently, there’s going to be a lot of slapstick humour amidst the robot action.

I love the anime “Patlabor” but I am not sure what to make of this project. Mamoru Oshii has made lots of great anime like “Ghost in the Shell”, “Patlabor”, “Sky Crawlers” and more but his live-action work is… patchy (nobody mention that Steel Battalion advert!). While I accept that a director can re-work anything they were instrumental in creating (Ridey Scott with “Prometheus“), “Patlabor 1 and 2” are fond childhood memories of mine (Manga UK dub not the American one) and helped me become more cineliterate. I love each of the characters, especially Noa Izumi. I hope this is good.

Labors are robots used in various industries like construction. With their introduction to Japan, a new type of crime became prevalent: Labor Crime. To combat this, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police created a unit of Patrol Labors to help. The story is set in Tokyo in 2013, and we follow “third generation” of Patlabor. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police has disbanded Section 2 Division 1 of police robots, and Section 2 Division 2 barely has survived the budget cuts forced upon the police due to the long recession. What problems will the unit face now?



1/11 One Eleventh   1 11 One Eleventh Film Poster

Japanese: 1/11 じゅういちぶんのいち

Romaji: 1/11 Juuichi Bun no Ichi

Running Time: 80 mins.

Release Date: April 05th, 2014 (Japan)

Director: Sho Kataoka

Writer: Sho Kataoka (Screenplay), Takatoshi Nakamura (Original Novel)

Starring: Ryousuke Ikeoka, Seika Taketomi, Shintaro Akutsu, Asuka Kudo, Yuuka Ueno, Yutaro Watanabe

Sora Ando (Ikeoka) is a high school football player who is about to go onto the pitch for his final game before he quits to focus on studying. Just before he does, Shiki Wakamiya, a national women’s team player, appears and gives some advice. After the game, Sora hears about Wakamiya’s death and is inspired to keep on playing for her. His new found belief inspires others.



Sakura saku   Sakura saku Film Poster

Japanese: サクラサク

Romaji: Sakura saku

Running Time: 107 mins.

Release Date: April 05th, 2014 (Japan)

Director: Mitsutoshi Tanaka

Writer: Eriko Komatsu (Screenplay), Masashi Sada (Short Story)

Starring: Tatsuya Fuji, Kaho Minami, Naoto Ogata, Ryuya Fuji, Masato Yano, Karen Miyama

Mitsutoshi Tanaka is back with another film after last year’s drama “Ask this of Rikyu,” a title which was in contention at the recent Japan Academy Awards.  Kaho Minami “Angel Dust” and Tatsuya Fuji “Bright Future” star in a film where an ordinary salaryman naed Shunsuke (Ogata) finds his family life collapsing with his wife, son and daughter growing distant. Things get worse when his father (Fuji) develops dementia. Shunsuke decides to take them on a road trip in the hope that they are brought closer together.



Our Tomorrow   Out Tomorrow Film Poster

Japanese: 俺たちの明日

Romaji: Oretachi no Ashita

Running Time: 108 mins.

Release Date: April 05th, 2014 (Japan)

Director: Ryo Nakajma

Writer: Takaya Okamoto (Screenplay), Takatoshi Nakamura (Original Novel)

Starring: Daisuke Maki (MAKIDAI), Shunsuke Daito, Yoshiyuki Morishita, Daiki Sato, Ichiro Hashimoto

MAKIDAI of the group EXILE takes the lead as a professional burglar named Ryo. He is putting together a team of crooks to help him steal a legendary cache of gold. This will be his last job as a criminal but as usually happens with the crime genre, that one last job goes awry as friendships and betrayals emerge. 


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