Genkina hito’s Spring 2014 Anime Picks

Genkina hito’s Spring 2014 Anime Picks

There are over 50 shows getting released in March and April. Writing a series of preview guides for Anime UK News left me at my most cynical about the lack of artistry and the rampant commercialization in the Japanese entertainment industry as a whole (I must have been feeling tired).

Here are the season guides (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) to give a wider feel of the forthcoming season.

Out of the 50+ released, there is so much that does not appeal to me. A lot of them are aimed at NEETs and hikikomori and I find shows like those are creepy and immature.

I did have a longer, whinier intro about the season and it’s over-reliance on LN adaptations and shows aimed at immature males written but cut it because it was written when I felt grouchy and want to be positive. Some other anibloggers are writing this season off but there are lots of new series starting and some gems amidst all of the titles. Here are the gems from my perspective.

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