Yoshitaro Nomura Film Season at the ICA in April

Yoshitaro Nomura Film Season ImageThe name of director Yoshitaro Nomura has only been mentioned on this blog once and it was in relation to the anime “Coppelion” back in January. He’s a man I know from researching other titles. It’s a bit of an oversight because he is one of those directors who started work during the New Wave of Japanese filmmaking (think Nagisa Oshima) and carved out a mighty fine career tackling difficult subject matter and was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun by the Japanese government in 1995. I get the chance to rectify that oversight because the Institute of Contemporary Arts down in London is playing host to a season of his films during a 6-day run of his films from April 18th until April 23rd.

Yoshitaro Nomura Film Image

Yoshitaro Nomura was a popular director and pioneer of Japanese film noir. He made his debut in 1953 with “Pigeon” and directed, wrote and produced around 89 films up until his death in 2005, some of which are considered classics He worked a lot on adaptations of novels by the best-selling author Seicho Matsumoto and created what some critics consider the best version of “Zero Focus” (1961) which is one of the films getting screened at the ICA. The other films include the 1974 thriller, “Castle of Sand”, which is ranked as one of the greatest ever-Japanese films by domestic critics, as well as “The Demon” (1978), “Stakeout” (1958), and “The Shadow Within” (1970).

Here’s the breakdown of the films, just click on the titles for more information such as times and a more detailed synopsis:

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