Shady: Different Opinions on an Awesome Film

Shady DVD Case

Shady” is released by Third Window Films on March 24th, and I want to support the film as much as possible. Why? Well, as I stated in my review published last week:

A film like “Shady” simply must be seen. It will grapple with your emotions and when the house lights are put on in the cinema you will want to discuss the plot, the way that Watanabe creates meta references to other films, dupes us into watching a narrative that refuses to follow traditional paths and ends on a rather unsettling note. You will want to discuss how he always finds a way to disrupt meaning and the way the actresses are so perfect in their roles that other actors or actresses could not do what they did. You will want to compare “Shady” to other school films or relationship dramas and probably find them lacking in some way. You will want to discuss “Shady” and re-experience it to confirm what you just saw. 

Genki Jason Genkinahito’s J Film Review (March 10th, 2014) – Yeah, I’m quoting myself!

I watch a lot of films and this one was a real stand-out that held me in its narrative grip from start to finish thanks to the excellent writing and direction of Ryohei Watanabe and the performances of lead actresses mimpi * β and Izumi Okamura. It left me breathless and tense throughout its running time. It is an example of perfect filmmaking. I loved it. I loved it so much, it took the top spot of my best films of the year! It even beat Sion Sono’s latest feature, “Why Don’t You Play in Hell?” which is mind-boggling when you consider I’m a huge Sono fan. How good is the film? Am I over-hyping it? Here are quotes from reviews written by others who have seen “Shady” – there is a lot of praise the film and its director Ryohei Watanabe! A word of warning, some reviews give a little away.

You can listen to music composed by the talented and performed by lead actress mimpi * β while looking!

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