Our Sunhi

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Our Sunhi  Our Sunhi Film Poster

Release Date: September, 12th 2013 (South Korea)

Seen at the BFI London Film Festival

Running Time: 88 mins.

Director: Hong Sang-Soo

Writer: Hong Sang-Soo (Screenplay)

Starring: Jung Yu-Mi, Lee Sun-Kyun, Jung Jae-Young, Kim Sang-Joong, Ye Ji-Won, Lee Min-Woo

Meet Sunhi:

 Our Sunhi Reading Her Reference

She is in her mid-twenties and is studying film. Apparently she went into hiding for one year. She just disappears off the map from time to time, seemingly on the verge of dropping out of her course…

But now she’s back because she needs a reference letter from her lecturer Professor Choi so she can study at a graduate school in the US. He agrees to write something truthful about her but she is unhappy with his description of her and asks for a rewrite. While she is waiting for it she encounters her mopey ex-boyfriend Kim Moonsoo who still harbours feelings for her. She also falls in with her introverted college senior Jaehak who has already made his debut as a filmmaker and is living apart from his wife. As the three men bump into each other and Sunhi, they all give each other advice about their lives and careers and the men cannot stop thinking about her.

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