Hitman (Tomorrow’s Gunshot) Japanese Film Trailer and AMVs

Persona 4 Arena ImageWelcome to the first trailer post of the year. Yep, we are now fully in 2014 and my posts for the week reflect the transition as I started my “best of 2013” series with a collection of Japanese film posters released in 2013, my new year’s resolutions for 2014 and a list of films released in 2013 that I hope to see in 2014. The “best of 2013” series will continue with film, anime and game selections. I saw 47 Ronin on New Year’s Eve and All is Lost on Thursday. Two totally different films and they, along with lots of films I saw in 2013, will be reviewed this month.

As for this trailer post, as quickly as you say, “hello” (just humour me), it’ll be over because only one Japanese film released this week. The rest are foreign titles about Navy Seals and the architect Sir Norman Foster. Next week looks much busier so that’s my day off work on Wednesday sorted. There’s such a lack of movie action this week that I’m going to place so AMVs and videos I recently watched as preparation for forthcoming reviews. Anyway, here’s the content:

Hitman (Tomorrow’s Gunshot)  Hitman Tomorrow Gunshot Film Poster

Japanese: ヒットマン 明日への銃声

Romaji: Hittoman Ashita e Jūsei

Running Time: 123 mins.

Release Date: January 04th, 2014

Director: Hiroyuki Tsuji

Writer: Jiro Okazaki (Novel)

Starring: Takeshi Kamedao, Jiro Okazaki, Mitsuo Senda,

Hiroyuki Tsuji makes plenty of crime thrillers and in this one he tells the tale of brothers who are united but their lives are under threat from a hitman sent by a gang boss.


Here are the random videos:

Dareka no Manazashi (Someone’s Gaze)

Someone’s Gaze was an advert created by Makoto Shinkai for the Nomura Real Estate Group for the Proud Box Kanshasai exhibition. It’s story s of a girl who moves out of her father’s house as she makes a bid for independence but finds it tough breaking up her family ties in such a way. The AMV captures it perfectly.

Here’s the actual advert:


Perfume in Moteki

I have been listening to Perfume for a while and was delighted to see them on the drama Moteki which I am watching in preparation for the Japan Foundation’s Touring Film Programme.

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