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I’ve briefly mentioned that I write for Gigan magazine in previous posts but neglected to tell you guys just what it is.

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Gigan magazine is named after a monster that fought Godzilla. The magazine is dedicated to promoting theGigan Image latest Japanese films and providing information on film festivals and releases. Rent-a-Neko, Like Father, Like SonThe Kirishima Thing, Friendship, and Remiges are some of the titles we have covered as well as bringing a focus on the Japanese films screened at different types of film festivals like the recent Raindance Independent Film Festival. What makes this magazine unique is that it has a focus on Japanese films, particularly indie ones, and it is available in English. This focus is not seen in other English-language magazines and websites. Furthermore the content is the most up to date information available. Due to some of the staff ,who are based in Japan and work in the Japanese film industry, the magazine can give accurate and detailed information on some of the education and business institutions in Japan who create films and filmmakers, the personalities making films, emerging trends and so on.

Kanagawa University of Fine Arts, Office of Film Research  ©Tokyo University of the Arts
Kanagawa University of Fine Arts, Office of Film Research, ©Tokyo University of the Arts

The magazine is available in a digital format (PDF) through payhip for the sum of $1.00. You can also try it out for free at Gumroad. The magazine is also available in a physical format in London and Tokyo. The first issue is already on sale online. The first issue premièred at the Raindance Film Festival and that seemed to go down well with the readers I talked to (apart from reviews of Shady and The Kirishima Thing which were wrong! – I’ll be honest about this because those two films are two of the best I have seen this year). So far our online presence extends to Tumblr, Twitter which our editor is constantly updating. We also have a webpage still under construction but with the second issue due out soon I’m sure these things will improve not least because our hard working editor has managed to get quite a few scoops and connections.

The Kirishima Thing by Daihachi Yoshida  © 2012 “Kirishima” Film Club © Ryo Asai / SHUEISHA
The Kirishima Thing by Daihachi Yoshida © 2012 “Kirishima” Film Club © Ryo Asai / SHUEISHA

Anyway the next issue will focus on the films of Hirokazu Koreeda.

2 thoughts on “Gigan Magazine

  1. So cool!!
    We have similar mags but it doesn’t focus on Indi movie at all, it’s very broad because it covers all things Japanese (from music to culture to movie).
    I bet you don’t feel like working as you like doing work 😉

    1. We in the UK have two magazines dedicated to Japanese/East Asian culture but they also cover anime, music and food. I think that what differentiates Gigan from every other magazine out there is our focus on Japanese films, particularly the really interesting quality mid to low-budget titles that you would not really hear or read about.

      I do enjoy writing for Gigan 🙂

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