Genki Christmas Season 2013

Genki Christmas 2013 Season Banner

This is my annual Christmas season post but I should be honest and call it the catch-up season. Last year I was able to watch lots of Korean horror films  but this year I will be posting lots of reviews from the film festivals I attended back in October. Due to the autumn anime schedule and changes in my work schedules I pretty much ran out of time and into chaos when scheduling posts. So there will be reviews for Sake-Bomb, Our Shunhi, Gravity, You’re Next,  Insidious 2, The Conjuring, Rurouni Kenshin, The Flu, The Ravine of Goodbye, Shady, Remiges, Why Don’t You Play in Hell?, Galileo Donna, Beyond the Boundary. Gosh. There will also be director interviews which I got from the Raindance Film Festival – Sake-Bomb Interview.

Just like the last two years I will also be posting my best film, game, and anime of the year which is the best way to let you know that I have finally put together a Top Ten Anime of the Year page where I have linked reviews, first impressions and final thoughts to every series and film and TV anime I have seen this year. I will also be posting my Winter Anime Guide 2014.

Something new for this year is my post for films I wish I had seen (like some of this selection) and a gallery of all the film posters for films released in 2013. I do try and get the information for every Japanese film released in Japan every weekend and while my translations are occasionally… mostly awful, I’m pretty certain that I have covered most.

Also, I hope everyone is excited about 47 Ronin! I know I am!

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